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Live Your Own Way with Designer and Craftsman William Hardie

William Hardie Amazing Spaces

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s Live Your Own Way Podcast chat with Designer, Craftsman and Maker William Hardie.

If you are fan of Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and Shed of the Year with George Clarke, you’ll have seen all the incredible creations he has come up with. over the years. Too many to fit in to one conversation but we most certainly covered a lot of ground about the show and his company Studio Hardie who are a team specialising in a variety of unusual high profile projects in many disciplines including architecture, playgrounds, interior design, furniture, exhibition spaces and public art.

They’ve worked on commissions including John Pawson for The Design Museum, Walmer Castle, Vivo Barefoot and a Timber Frame Farmhouse in Isle of Eigg, Scotland.

Studio Hardie are also often are asked to work on interiors of homes so my natural question was how do they choose which to work on ?

Rotating Home Amazing Spaces Rotating Home George Clarke William Hardie Amazing Spaces

The futuristic rotating home has to be one of my personal favourites. Such a, quite frankly, mind bogglingly clever design. The gimbal shelves were my favourite part of it.

There have been some really memorable trips on Amazing Spaces  – The Northern Lights in Finland ( including the infamous dip in the freezing lake ) and William visiting and going under the Glaciers in Canada.

Did you see the episode where he went in to the underground city in Helsinki ? If not, you must try and catch it. Really interesting.

Oh, and the Observatory – another good one.

When it came to talking about Shed of the Year – how on earth does he choose a winner as a judge with so many unique conversions – it must be hard surely ?

We discuss all all of the above.

Amazing Sapces Caravan Amazing Spaces Caravan Home converted field

The converted 80’s caravan that William and his team worked on for George and his young family really stuck in my mind. Certainly left a brilliant impression for a first series. It was almost unrecognisable even though they had used elements and the frames, yet still delivered George the holiday home he craved from his own childhood. Opening up the whole front of it was such a clever idea.

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Live Your Own Way with Fine Artist Jessica Albarn

jessica albarn drawing bee on playing card

A lovely chat on my Live Your Own Way Podcast this week with Fine Artist Jessica Albarn.

well known for her insect and animal fine line drawings on paper that are often multi layered incorporating geometry. She also produces her work with clay, glass, honey and wax. We discussed how she creates her pieces and what inspired her fascination with the animal eco system.

fine artist jessica albarn sketch drawing Jessica Albarn Artist drawing bee Jessica Albarn drawing bee sketch fine art sketch

Jessica is devoted to bees and uses her work to raise awareness to their plight.

I was interested to hear more about Jessica’s family meadow in Devon which has been developed to encourage all sorts of wildlife. She created a film called Life After Death sitting amongst the nature there and incorporating a stop motion drawing. You may well want to see it after listening to how she made it on the Podcast.

Jessica Albarn art owl sketch geomotry hare drawing fine art jessica albarn

There is a lot to talk about as Jessica has exhibited her work in many corners of the world over many years. Some of her commissions include Soho House, Hoxton Hotel, V & A and Mandarin Oriental Hotel – a hugely long list and with some really interesting new ones coming up.

You can listen to my full Podcast chat with Jessica Albarn here on any of these channels.

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Live Your Own Way with Founder and Designer Tom Raffield

tom raffield lighting furniture steam bending

What an interesting chat with week on Live Your Own Way with Sustainable Lighting and Homeware Founder and Designer Tom Raffield who creates handcrafted pieces using a steam bending technique.

I’ve been following Tom’s career for a long time now and . Talking on the Podcast meant we could delve a bit deeper in to how he chose his profession and has become a word leader in his field.  We even discuss Vikings. Why wouldn’t we ?

tom raffield steam bent furniture

I first got to know of the brand because I spotted their amazing intricate Lighting and often recommend them to clients. Also it would have bene impossible to miss their incredible Stands at the Chelsea Flower Show over several years, for which awards were most definitely won.

Being a real fan of  Tom’s work – there was a lot ground to cover which ranged from products they have launched over the years always with their eyes firmly focused on responsibility regarding the planet and some incredible  and unique collaborations. He is so passionate and interesting about steam bending and sustainability, which makes for an easy job on my part with the Podcast.

Of course, one of the first things we talked about why it became such a huge draw to him being such a unique thing to do.

tom raffield lighting wooden steam bent

One of the areas I really wanted to cover was the intricacy of some of the designs and what process they use to make the lighting such as the Skipper here above. How it stays in shape and how do they make it stay in shape so perfectly.

The Loer here below is named after the Moon in Cornish. Really beautiful don’t you think ?

tom raffield lighting furniture tom raffield furniture lighting tom raffield steam bench shelving wooden

I love that a lot of their designs have the Tom Raffield classic steam bent element to them. So cleverly done.

It was extremely good news to hear that there could well be some new launches this year. Obviously I won’t divulge all right here right now, but there might be a little bit of info on the Podcast. You never know …

You can listen to our chat on all the usual channels here below. Do subscribe for more  – another great guest lined up next week. I feel very grateful to be chatting to such creative and fascinating people.


You may remember I did a blog interview a few years back with Tom which you can find here.

All other Podcast episodes can also be find on this page. Hope you enjoy.

Live Your Own Way with Photographer Tamsyn Morgans

photographer Tamsyn Morgans gallery wall

Here we are at week 3 of my Live Your Own Way Podcast and it’s a pleasure to have chatted with Interior Design Photographer, Stylist … and friend Tamsyn Morgans.

Tamsyn’s work has featured in many magazines including Chic and Country and Reclaim with plenty of front page features.

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes between different types of photographers ? For instance why would you book different people for certain photo shoots or how important is lighting and preparation ? What can a camera do that a mobile phone camera not be able to do ?  Well, these were just a few of the subjects we discussed.

tamsyn morgans magazine cover tamsyn morgans magazine cover tamsyn morgans interview magazine cover flowers kitchen pastel kitchen colours podcast tamsyn morgans

If you love stylish homes on Instagram then I’m pretty sure you will have spotted her home too which she completely made over when she moved in, with an inspiring story behind it. I also love her floral images  –  she has a natural ability with styling.

Although Tamsyn does make good photographing and styling look easy, it sure isn’t but she answers some questions that often come up and will help anyone starting out or wanting to take the step up to becoming a professional.

Pop on over to to your usual channel for Podcasts and have a listen. Hope you enjoy.


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Live Your Own Way – with Author and Plant Stylist Hilton Carter

author hilton carter stylist houseplants greenery in the home

These weeks are flying by which means we are now on Episode 2 on the second series of my Podcast. I had a great chat with Plant Stylist and Author Hilton Carter this time who very kindly shared some of his day with me to discuss his life and how he cares for and styles over 600 plants of all sizes in his home, while squeezing in time to write 2 books with another one due out soon.

Hilton’s books are aptly named ‘Wild at Home’ and ‘Wild Interiors’ with the new title called ‘Wild Creations’.

This was a real treat personally to get some quality time to talk about this subject as I am well in to my plant journey and learning more every day, but it is trial and error as we discuss. Adding plants to a home scheme can have such a beneficial effect so this is why I love the world of Biophilic design and factor it in whenever I can.

hilton carter books houseplant care diy tours

I ask what led up to him becoming a plant stylist and author ?

Both books are so helpful for anyone wanting to dip their toes in to the world of greenery right through to full on, filling your entire home with greenery types which is kind of where I’m heading … and no regrets there.

In ‘ Wild at Home ‘ you will learn all about caring for and styling your plants with some stunning home tours and clever DIY’s while ‘ Wild Interiors ‘ takes you on a global tour of  some incredible homes which he has photographed perfectly.

During the Podcast we talk about many aspects of keeping houseplants – the health benefits, the upkeep and which ones he thinks will be the ‘ it ‘ plants in the near future. Couldn’t miss out also his propagation wall with his especially designed cradles. A really inspiring idea.

It was really good to have my first international guest with Hilton being in Baltimore, USA. He has a very cool instagram page if you want to take a peek.

You can listen to this episode here with all the usual channels.

On this page, you’ll find all my other Podcast episodes. Next week we are delving in to interior photography so do subscribe to hear more soon.

Image 1: Copyright Hilton Carter 2021.