Podcast chat with Founder of SketchUp Hub Anita Brown

Nov 22, 2021 | Design Interiors, Interviews, News

Anita Brown Sketchup Hub

A great and really informative chat on Live Your Own Way with Founder of SketchUp Hub Anita Brown.

You may already know about SketchUp itself which is a 3d visualising program for used for drawing and design applications used by many industries and very much interior designers. Anita has created fantastic courses on Sketchup Hub that allow you to learn the process in your own time with personal support when needed.

I was lucky enough to have won a scholarship a while ago with SketchUp Hub to learn how to use the software. Until then I have used hand drawing techniques and love it but wanted to nail every aspect so felt extremely lucky  – and loved that Anita really wants to empower women on their design journey.  As I mention in our chat I found it daunting at first but now am completely addicted.

Putting together courses takes time and there is a lot to consider as I also know well, so it was interesting to know what aspects Anita has to consider to enable her students get the most out of them.

floor plan learn lessons 3d sketchup hub

I wish I could say this is one of my plans above here but it is Anita’s. It is a great example of what you can achieve if you stick at it. She has a great eye for detail and teaches with precision. We discuss hand drawing vs sketchUp and the benefits.

sketchup hub 3d visualising3d visualsing sketchup hub bedroom wallpaper

You can really see some incredible detail here that Anita has applied. Very realistic. Anita talks about rendering and what she likes to use to create a beautiful finish which is so helpful when it comes to presenting plans and drawings to clients.

We talk favourite colour palettes, house plants and the difference between good DIY and professional interior design. Of course as SketchUp Hub now has over 70,000 followers I want to know whether that brings extra pressures to keep everyone inspired.

Anita has another string to her bow with a service creating plans for interior designers and has clients both in the UK and internationally and I am fascinated to know how she fits it all in ?

It was nice to have a frank talk about how sometimes interior designers are underestimated and the amount of work that we do put in to our projects with all there is to coordinate.

Hope you enjoy the Podcast and don’t forget to subscribe as there are more on the way.


Image Copyright credits: Anita Brown.



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