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Here you can find all my Podcast interview episodes. I have had some fantastic chats with Interior and Design Experts and hope you enjoy them as much as I have had making them.

Series 1.

Ep 1. Artist and Founder of The Specials – Horace Panter.

Ep 2. Architect and Expert on BBC2’s Your Home Made Perfect  – Laura Jane Clark.

Ep 3. Home and Textiles Designer Eva Sonaike.

Ep 4. Interior Designer and Founder of Design Havens for Heroes – Francesca Rowan Plowden.

Ep 5. Bestselling Author and writer of Biophilia Sally Coulthard

Ep 6. Metal Expert on BBC1’s The Repair Shop  – Dominic Chinea

Series 2.

Ep 1. Accessories and Homeware Brand Founder – Emma J Shipley.

Ep 2. Author and Plant Stylist – Hilton Carter.


Podcast Artwork by Karina Mansfield.