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Here you can find all my Podcast interview episodes. I have had some fantastic chats with Interior and Design Experts –  hope you enjoy them as much as I have had recording them.

Series 1.

Ep 1. Artist and Founder of The Specials – Horace Panter.

Ep 2. Architect and Expert on BBC2’s Your Home Made Perfect  – Laura Jane Clark.

Ep 3. Interview with Brand Founder and Designer Eva Sonaike.

Ep 4. Interview with Interiors Charity Founder Francesca Rowan Plowden.

Ep 5. Bestselling Author and writer of Biophilia Sally Coulthard

Ep 6. Metal Expert on BBC1’s The Repair Shop  – Dominic Chinea

Series 2.

Ep 1. Accessories and Homeware Brand Founder – Emma J Shipley.

Ep 2. Author and Plant Stylist – Hilton Carter.

Ep 3. Interiors Photographer and Stylist – Tamsyn Morgans.

Ep 4. Sustainable Lighting and Homeware Founder and Designer Tom Raffield.


Ep 5. Property Expert, Writer and Broadcaster Kunle Barker.

Ep 6. Fine Artist Jessica Albarn.

Ep 7. Designer, Craftsman and Amazing Spaces Presenter William Hardie.

Ep 8. Creative Director and Co Founder of Claybrook Studio.


Podcast Artwork by Karina Mansfield.