Briiv the Plant Based Home Air Filter

Jul 3, 2022 | Design Interiors, News

Briiv Air Filter

Great quality air is imperative for us to lead happy lives, keeping our bodies strong in so many ways and our minds sharp. You just have to think about how we feel after a fresh walk outside after too much time indoors.

As you might imagine air flow is a fundamental when it comes to Biophilic Design where I focus on optimising natural elements. The aim is to create an aesthetic that is pleasing on the eye but delivers on tangible health benefits too ? Every home deserves to have a good source of oxygen wherever we live.

So when Briiv got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their Air Filter I was really intrigued by their ‘ live healthier, sleep better and breathe easier ‘ promise. Naturally I wanted to give it a go – especially as my first impression of the filter itself was that it resembled a very cool looking terrarium and of course the sustainable angle of this product is very appealing. A double win ? With a household that can be pretty heavy on traffic including pets plus I do love cooking spicy food that pervades the air at times, it would certainly be put to the test.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with briiv although I have not received any payment.

Briiv Filter

I’ve tried the Briiv Air Filter out over a few weeks now in different rooms including kitchen, living room and a bedroom so feel I can give an honest review of it now but let’s start with the practical details of how to use the Briiv Air Filter works and what it offers us health and environment wise.

It was extremely easy to put together. I removed the top of the packaging and everything was there ready to put together. There are essentially three layers that do the filtering and they are all biodegradable, reducing to harmless soil. The base are carbon base matrix filters containing nano fibers. These last for a pretty long time, dependant on the frequency of use and are just as effective as plastic filters. Above this is a coconut husk filter that traps harmful substances in the air and the natural dried moss collects larger particles such as animal hair and dust.  Basically, it removes pollutants that we can’t even see including VOC’s found in paint, furniture, carpets etc, bacteria, mould spores, allergens like pollen while it moves through the three layers. The filters do need replacing but have a pretty long life and you can buy the kits all from the website when needed.

The Briiv Air Filter actually is as effective as 3043 house plants in purifying the air. Although I have a lot of plants I am not there yet so this will keep me going until that point. I’m not even sure if I’m joking at this point of my plant journey. Let’s hope so.

Briiv Clear Air Filter for the Home

All I needed to do was remove the reusable bag of reindeer moss and place it on top of the coconut filter. The glass was already placed on top of the base. The unit runs on 5v which is very low energy which is good for keeping any costs down.

To use it manually there is a touch free interface to turn it up or down depending on how the strength you want it to work at. Ideally, place it centrally in a room but if not, then somewhere without anything covering and stopping it doing its job.

Briiv Settings for Air Filter

You can also control it via their app which is currently being worked on to give an ultimate user experience so as yet I haven’t tried it that way but will use it by hand anyway as I prefer it that way.

The big question though is does it really work ? Well, although it has also been thoroughly tried and tested by Briiv if you were to ask my opinion, I  feel yes it does the job. As someone with a ridiculously strong and sensitive sense of smell, meaning I can sniff out anything … maybe i am part canine, but anyway I could feel the air was much clearer and felt less stuffy in the room after an hour cycle.

Briiv Air Filter Wifi QR Code

From a decor point of view, I think it has been well designed and is eye catching without dominating a room because of its compact size. The Air Filter mingles really well with all my plants here obviously and although you can hear it when switched on, it isn’t overbearing at all and is adjustable.

Personally I am always quite reticent to add more electrical equipment in any form to a space as I want everything to be as natural as possible but as the positives of the Briiv with it’s health benefits and it’s good looks far outweigh that point, it would be a no brainer to recommend this filter to clients and of course you here on the blog.

Briiv Home Clean Air Filter

If you would like to see how easy it was to put it together I made a little Instagram Reel over at @lucygleesoninteriors Hope you find it useful. Is an Air Filter like this something you would consider for your own home ?



  1. Natasha

    Great post – I’m considering getting one of these for my bedroom. :)

    • lucylovesya

      Oh I think you will really like it, Natasha! x


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