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Apr 11, 2022 | Design Interiors, DIY/Projects, Interviews, News

Rob and Rob Coat Paints

It has been a few months since I recorded Podcast so it was a great pleasure to chat with Rob Abrahams Co Founder of Coat Paints – a conscience led designer brand who are also, as it happens, the first ever climate positive paint company in the world. He and fellow Founder Rob Green share a desire to do some good while ensuring our homes look gorgeous at the same time.

They’ve achieved a lot in a short space of time – eighteen months to be precise but their career backgrounds have given them a great head start.

We hear the words ‘ sustainability ‘ all the time these days but when you scratch the surface with Coat Paints you see the passion and substance behind their words. They have considered every aspect of their business right down to how they make their rollers, brushes and trays. But how do they keep stay true to their ethos ? Rob explains how they do this on the Podcast.

Coat Paints Warm dining room pink

Being the colour psychology nerd that I am, I was burning to ask whether Rob had noticed a change in preferences over the last year. Does the mood of the country reflect in how we decorate our walls ? His insight is really interesting. I also ask how and if they use trend forecasts and which of their colours and combinations generally are the most popular with customers ?

They have created fifty six colours in the last year and a half so and have recently developed some corkers for 2022. Really pleasing to see some biophilic hues in there and also with their great recent collaboration with Heals. As I mention the staunch Heals customers know exactly what they like when it comes to interiors so I ask how they developed the paints for this partnership.

Heals Coat Paints Heals Coat Paints

I have used Coat Paints myself here at home and am also now a trade customer for my work. It’s nice and creamy and goes on very well just for the record.  We designers are very fussy about which paints we use so we discuss how they make their paints and the difference between the finishes  – in case you’ve ever wondered what makes a sheen or a matt.

VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds are quite a hot topic when it comes to choosing something healthy for your home so Rob explains exactly what it means and how you can sum up what is best for you.

coat paints plant power green living room

Naturally, Coat Paints are fans of the David Attenborough and so celebrated the series ‘ Green Planet ‘ by coming up with their own special ‘ Plant Power ‘ paint. With so many different options how did they decide on their perfect colour ?

As always some excellent advice for new businesses and especially anyone keen on sustainability.

You can listen on the channels below and don’t forget to subscribe to hear more.

Image credits: 1, 2 & 5 Coat Paints. 3, @thegreenwoldgaff 4, @style_my_home



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