How I made my bedroom warm and snug

Blue Bedroom Little Greene Teal Cosy Moroccan Rug

I wasn’t sure whether to show this post right now as let’s face it, we are all a little preoccupied with you know what. But, having weighed it up, decided that a distraction and some colour inspiration might be useful. Also totally understand you might not feel like reading at the moment. But there’s no point in me stopping doing what I do. So, here is how I made my bedroom warm and snug. You know, I haven’t regretted it one little bit.

Some time ago we made some changes to the room with putting in different flooring. Then I changed the wall behind the bed. I’ve nothing against feature walls, I like them, but it wasn’t floating my boat in this instance because of the strong hue with white – the contrast was’t working in this instance.  I did though, love the teal blue colour used which was Little Greene Marine Blue. So went for it and covered all of the walls with the lovely creamy paint. Aside from it being very satisfying doing the job myself ( apart from removing the radiator in the process ) I immediately started to feel more comfortable and content in the space.

There can be an assumption that deep colours can make it feel gloomy and heavy, but it really depends on the light and use of that room. In fact, even in a room that isn’t for instance, South facing, embracing a rich colour can enhance and add character.

Disclosure: Gifted items from Little Greene, Next and Louis De Poortere included in this post.
Teal Bedroom Next RAttan Planter bookcase ideas for quiet cosy relaxing space

Adding accessories too such as a new Pink Bedspread which is actually reversible so grey on the other side, two Brass Brooklyn Table Lamps, a plant in in a new Woven Planter on Feet – all from Next, have added different textures which layer the room and I feel made it much more enticing.

Pink Next Bedspread Teal Bedroom Pictures aboce Sleigh type Bed

We have put some of my husband’s framed photography from his work travels up here. I think these are mainly of New York City.  As it’s a sleigh style bed, positioning two portrait pictures either side of a landscape one worked with the sloped sides of the bed.

Louis De Poortere Moroccan Rug Bedroom Teal West Elm Mid Century Chest Gallery Wall of Drawers West Elm Mid Century Dresser Moroccan Rug Pink Bedspread Cosy and Calming Stylish Teal Bedroom

We also put my lovely ‘ Silence ‘ Artwork by Bianca AKA French for Pineapple above my chest of drawers and a few family pictures. My Dad and Mum were both actors and models when I was little and I just love these photos of them. Such a cool era. Also I’ve put up a customised portrait that Karina Mansfield did for us a little while back. We are sat in Southwold by the beach huts with Sandy our dog. I will cherish this until we can go and visit the seaside again – hopefully soon.

Little Greene Marine Blue Beatles Artwork Boden Shoes Louis De Poortere Rug Next Pink Bedspread

Now, I have to tell you about the rug which I think is a total show stopper.  You may have noticed I have worked with Louis De Poortere a few times and was absolutely thrilled about doing so again. They are absolutely my favourite company for designs and I have had this cotton and finished Antiquarian Bakhtiari design one on my vision board for a bit so to have it now where I wake up and go to sleep, well, I feel very lucky. It works well with the Quick-Step Flooring down already.

It comes in several different colours, this is the Janissary Multi 8712. The blues match the walls brilliantly and the greens, reds, pinks and warner multi – tones but slightly faded look, feel extremely cohesive with it’s surroundings. It’s traditional in style but the the richness modernises it, making it perfect for the bedroom. It has been made with a flatweave and is super soft on the feet. I do lone wooden flooring and how practical it is, but this rug added completed the room.

Heart Mirror Teal Bedroom Cosy and Comfy Space for relaxation

What I have found since doing updating the room, is that I want to be in here more often. I found the white very peaceful which was my intention but the teal has made it restful and definite. I’ve now got some plans with my spare time ( let’s face it, most of us have more at the moment ) to do another bedroom soon. My eldest starts GCSE’s next September and I’ve been having a think with her about which colour would work to aid study and sleep. So, stay tuned for that one.

Louis De poortere Rug Blue retro chair vintage radiator cohesive colours

Hope you like the new bedroom too. I will be here in the house quite a bit over the coming months so I’m pleased to have got it sorted. A sanctuary.

Sending you all lots of love and if you have any questions about interior design then let me know. I am thinking about running a few online courses at very low rates for anyone wanting ideas while they are wanting things to do or might be thinking about training in the interiors profession – if anyone is interested. The first one I run will be free and on a first come, first serve basis with limited places. More to come on that soon. You can also find my services on this page and I am really happy to give advice, again as a gift, if you are feeling like you could do with some distraction and help on a project to get going. It’s something I can offer right now and feel I am doing some good, all be it on a very small scale.

There will also be some more Youtube tutorials up soon if you feel make something for the home.

Have a good week and stay indoors x

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