Why Downtown Toronto Stole My Heart

Where were we in the last post ? Ah yes, that's right. Just visited Niagara Falls on the tour bus and headed over to Toronto, ready for the third Coldplay gig at The Rogers Centre. But we had some time to spare with a day off and wanted to make the most of it. So...

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boden blazer street art graffiti alley toronto

Back in beautiful Berlin for a quick trip

If you follow me on Instagram  - you will have seen a few pictures of our little trip back in beautiful Berlin a few weeks ago. We spent ages looking forward to it and suddenly we were on our way home again but at least this time we were there for longer than 24...

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Southwold on an October Afternoon …

Would you believe me if I told you that this was Southwold yesterday ? Blue skies, sunshine and all the colour that you could wish for. All in one place. On a late October afternoon. Stuff dreams are made of .. It's the time of year when we get the promenade pretty...

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