Updating Bedroom: Quick-Step Wooden Flooring

White blue bedroom

Well. This post has been a long time coming. But I am really pleased with the results so worth the wait I guess as we have been updating the Bedroom with Quick-Step Flooring.

Some time ago I wrote about my plans for a new look with some mood board ideas. The main plan was to change the flooring to Quick-Step hardwood as this has been my ambition for quite some time –  but we also wanted to change the colours and decided to rebuild our wardrobe. In for a penny etc …

white peaceful bedroomWhite blue bed

So we got in touch with our local installer ( who we found on the Quick-Step website ) and he came and completed the job in just over a day. Shout out for Mark because he was excellent and I totally recommend him to customers in the East ! There are no before pictures I’m afraid as I really wasn’t keen on the carpet and just want to share my happiness with the new wooden flooring !

Wooden Floor Quick-StepBlue retro chair

The feel of the flooring is very smooth which is nice on my feet first thing in the morning and I love the way the boards clicks together neatly. It’s hardwearing which is incredibly beneficial with two kids in the house.

If you didn’t know already Quick-Step also manufacture trend lead vinyl and laminate flooring – a lot to choose from and well worth checking out.

White blue contemporary bedroomWhite bedroom inspiration

What do you think of the overall finish ? My aim was to lighten the room so opted for Natural Oak planks ( COM1450 ) as it’s a mid colour and the mirror also reflects light so it’s a nice natural light. We really wanted a serene space with calming hues. A place to retreat to and switch off.

Built in wardrobe Converse trainers

Here’s a sneak peak inside the wardrobe. It’s much more organised than our cupboard before with designated shelves for shoes – and the hardwood flooring means that it’s easy to keep clean and dust free. I really enjoyed designing it.

Bedroom inspiration white room

Andy took this fab image of the bedroom through the mirror. It kind of sums how I feel about it.

White bedroom green mug colour

Finally a place to chill where I can also do my yoga in the morning before the day starts … with a cup of mint tea.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the little your around the room. Do leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts.

Lucy x

This is a collaboration with Quick-Step. All opinions are my own.

You can find more inspiration over on my Pinterest.



In love with your wardrobes! You’ve used the space so well, the sliding doors and mirror are so great for creating space! I am also very jealous of how neat and lovely your clothes look inside, please tell me they are not like that all the time so I feel better about my wardrobe where clothes routinely share a hanger with 2 or 3 other items…


Oh the new flooring is lovely Lucy. Quite similar to what I have in my new flat (although not in the bedroom) which was one of the selling points for me! Really love your arty photo in the heart mirror too :)

Lazy Daisy Jones

OMG and ‘wowee’…
Lucy, what a superb calm and pretty space in which to sleep. Your wardrobe looks so uncluttered and has reminded me that mine is long overdue a clear out! i would love to read more about your shoe collection too one day?
bestest Ashley xxxx


I am loving this new room make over! The floor looks great and very durable. Also I really want to get a radiator like this too! X


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