Alternative DJ decks inspiration – you have to stand for something

retro drinks cabinet bar for dj decks

We’re looking out for something to put our decks on at the moment – some alternative DJ decks inspiration is on the cards.

A long time ago I had a stand made up out of wood but this is now spoken for, covered in my kids art and craft stuff. You can buy DJ stands for vinyl but we are after something a bit kitsch so that we can have it the living room. :) I’ve had a little look online for starters and found a few pieces.

Love the retro drinks cabinet on Ebay, above. I reckon we could squeeze the decks on to it and it would fit in a corner quite well.

dj record stand

The retro legs on this console do it for me – shame this is in the States ! It’s a nice piece to have in your home. I found it on Etsy.

dj decks stand

This Soundbase stand is similar to the one we originally had made up. Simple design but probably the most practical.

dj decks stand

Something that needs a bit of TLC would be nice too, plus you could store the vinyl underneath this one.

Nowadays, lots of people use DJ software or CDs much more which is understandable as it takes up much less room but I will always be an ‘old skool’ record lover because the sound is like nothing else. It’s also the feel of the vinyl and the beautiful artwork on albums. I feel they should never be hidden away. Some of the designs are just beautiful.

If you have any ideas on stands – send them my way … and while we’re on the topic of music, what was the first record you ever bought ? Leave me a comment under this post or tweet @lucylovesyablog.

You can find more of my inspirations and ideas over on my Pinterest and Instagram pages.


sarah belinda

my first single I bought was I don’t like Mondays by The Boomtown rats, my
second single was A forest by The Cure. How cool was I at age 15!!! You have not told us want yours was.


Now, they are pretty impressive! LOVE The Cure. Hmmm … I’ve started something here haven’t I. Okay, my first record purchase was a Buddy Holly album! :)

Cli Dillon

We just built a home studio in our box room using leftover bits of broken furniture… Our decks are on an old bed base sitting on it’s side haha. Its covered with flags now and actually doesnt look nearly as rough and ready as expected!


I’ve got a retro bar the exact same as picture and it has a double socket fitted inside it. The light still works by switch under bar top, I was thinking of maybe renovating it but you might still be interested .


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