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My excuse for being missing in action for a bit ( apart from Christmas ) is that I have been working really hard at my online Good Homes Interior Design Course that I wrote about a while ago. It’s one of many run by My Interior Design School.

I am on module 4 now and along with what I already knew about design and it’s many aspects – it has helped me no end. In fact I’m actually enjoying the technical side a lot and never thought that would be the case considering in the past I have focused more on textiles and styling. Now I can do the lot.

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Although clients will generally choose a designer that they like the style of amongst other requirements  – It’s important to me that they can rely on me to offer detailed drawings and know lots about my subject. I think it must be the Aquarian in me but I always like to know as much as possible.

interior design courses

So far I have covered   colour in the home, electrical and lighting design, scaled floor plans and am now working on cost and time sheets for a bedroom design. All of these are very detailed and quite extensive so it is best to take time and fully absorb each part.

Good Homes My Interior Design School

I’ve found the way My Interior Design School explains each task very easy to comprehend and it has kept me wanting to learn more and more. There’s nothing worse than overly complicated instructions that put you off. So it’s been great so far.

Working with colours and textiles and coming up with ideas that will potentially make someone feel really happy and content in their home is really exciting. I feel like I have been working towards this in one form or another for a very long time.

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I always like to be honest on my blog and I can say hand on heart that this is a very good interactive course that fulfils it’s obligation to bring out the interior designer in you.  It covers so much and I feel it’s suitable for people who are creative but also want to gently get to grips with the more practical side.

interioe design course ukInterior Designers

In fact I think I will be sad when it finishes. But very ready to crack on with it all too.

If you are interested in My interior Design School courses then have al little look here.

Do you have any new plans for 2018 ?

Lucy x

This is a collaboration with My Interior Design School. All opinions as always are my own.



Looks like a good course. I loved the actual technical drawing side too when I was studying. In fact I still love to get the pencils and scale ruler out now. When the course is over you’ll have plenty of clients to fill the time I’m sure. If you want them :-)


THIS sounds like such a fab course! I love learning new skills and definitely want to stretch myself this year ignoring possible x

Kimberly Duran

What a fantastic course and it sounds like you are really enjoying it! As a fellow Aquarian, I admit to making my own scaled drawings and quite enjoying the whole process – not just the decor/styling of it! xx

Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

It sounds so interesting!! I know what you mean about having to know how everything works. I like to know both the theory and the practical side of things to feel really confident that I know what I’m doing. Probably years of having the importance of education drummed in to me.


Lucy this is so exciting! Can’t wait to see where these new skills take you! Have a wonderful weekend x

Stacey Sheppard

I’d love to do a course like this. I also need to know everything about a subject in order to feel confident. Maybe once the girls are at school I’ll have time to take something like tgis on.


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