Trying out Mylands for a bedroom makeover

Mylands Mint Street Gallery Wall Plates new paint

I suppose everyone has their own way of getting on in a bit of a weird time and mine is decorating like crazy. As you know if you read regularly that I am a teal fanatic but I wanted to break this up a little, but with a colour that compliments that and doesn’t look totally out of place. Just recently I received some emails about Mylands who I know of very well but hadn’t ever used their paint before, which, one, made me want to correct that immediately as I love trying out different brands and two, love how they name their colours after areas of London aptly as they have been established in the city since 1884 – it makes me feel quite nostalgic for the place I know so well and am missing visiting at the moment. Then there’s also the fact that they have been at the heart of the British film and Television industry from the start of moving pictures. Having worked in the field for many years myself and knowing the quality of products used by productions it was definitely a good opportunity to use some in a few projects. The first of which I’m showing today.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Mylands.
green painted bedroom with plants and gallery wall plates interior design new

This is our guest room which was originally one of the girls’ bedrooms. It made more sense to repurpose it as it’s smaller of the two and wouldn’t be used as much – or not at all at the moment for obvious reasons –  but I like to sit in hear to work sometimes and look out at nature doing it’s thing. The perfect colour to make it feel peaceful with a little nod to all that nature outside was green. Mint Street by Mylands to be exact after much deliberation. Named after a road in SE1 where coin making took place in Medieval times. There’s a lot of history to the name actually which I’ve enjoyed reading recently. Feel like I’ve learned something new just by changing the colour of the room.

Painted green bedroom door interior design inspiration Green painted bedroom with decorative blind interiors inspiration

There’s always the temptation with a light green to just add other greens or maybe a hint of yellow. But being maxi colour lover it’s not in my DNA so I just went for colours to make it feel warm and friendly for visitors.

We used their Wood and Metal paint  on the inside of the door and the radiator. Very nice stuff that goes on well with great coverage. It’s always nice when you get a good result and can add a new brand to your recommendations.

Green bedroom colourful stylish relaxing space interiors mylands

This side of the house doesn’t get as much of the sun so it is a cooler room and I think it works really well. It’s happy and has a slight hint of light blue in it. It brings out the more saturated hues in the furniture and my beloved dog plates. Before we just had one wall painted but I feel that often painting the whole room brings everything together and adds more character. Not against feature walls though as they can look fantastic too.

Quite pleased too as I took these pictures with my phone camera and they turned out really well. Sometimes I think it’s easier to use it as it does all the hard work for you so you can just get on with everything else needed as a one person band !

I will share my daughter’s newly painted bedroom soon – also green but very different. She loves it.

In the meantime – just to let you know that my new Podcast ‘Live your own Way’ is starting soon and I have some really interesting guests, we will be discussing interiors, life and inspiration. More on that shortly. Keep an eye on my instagram too for that.

Have a good one x

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