artist colourful nelly duff colourful artwork bright home gallery wall

Every now and then I love to do a round up of favourite places to find cool things here on the blog. I’m always amazed at how popular these posts are. I’m currently looking to buy some extra art for a gallery wall in the kitchen, so am keeping an eagle eye out for good places to shop but have some go to destinations that are reliably colourful.

As art is so subjective, what works for me might not for you but some of these stores have a myriad of genres so I’m pretty confident there’ll be something for everyone. I feel really passionate about good art as I grew in an arty household and have a daughter who is clearly heading down this route herself.

I’m starting off with Nelly Duff who you may be aware already. I’ve bought a few pieces from them over the years. They often update their selection of artists so you will find new prints and originals and a definite mixture to suit many. This amazing abstract mountain scape is by Torben Giehler and is printed on Somerset Satin.

bold graphic artwork prints Pop music

I know of this company Quirk and Rescue because I follow them on instagram. They’re a design duo who are based in East London Ms Pink and Mr Black. Their store exudes colour and cool homeware. Their bold graphic designs are all their own work and they are based in East London. You should check out their wallpaper too. it’s incredible.

Dalmatian Dog Art work Print home frame

If you’re a dog lover than you really might like Sally Muir’s lovely website. Although she is not solely a canine artist because she draws landscapes, people and other animals. But, I am especially drawn to the pups and if you’ve seen my insta feed you’ll spot some of her plates on my wall. Every one has such character. I believe Sally also does commissions. I’m such a fan of hers.

This print is from Print Club London who specialise in Limited Edition Screenprints it’s and called Tigerr Tea by Charlotte Founder.  They’ve got some really cool and affordable designs that come framed with various options or unframed. Think they also offer workshops so you can learn to screenprint. Wouldn’t mind a go at that myself.

Jessica Zoob Artist abstract art

Now, I was lucky enough to meet Jessica Zoob a few years ago at an awards ceremony and have loved what she does even more since then. We have a canvas of hers on the wall at home. I think her paintings are mesmerising; you see something different in them every time you look. This one is from her collection called Passion.

Colourful artwork etsy prints

You can find some fantastic artwork on Etsy – some very established artists sell on there. Margo in Margate is a very good example. She’s widely known these days for her characters and loves drawing dimple forms and especially faces. Although Margo hasn’t always been an artist, she was a Primary School teacher for twenty years prior. She told me that she she really loves how children capture life in very simple but powerful ways.

Horace Panter The Specials Artist Walkman Art Print Gallery Wall

You may have read my interview with Horace Panter a few years back. I’ve also featured his giant cassette print that we have framed here at home. It makes me feel so nostalgic. You’ll know Horace as co – founder and bassist of The Specials but did you also realise that he’ graduated in 1975 with a fine art degree ? His influences range from Peter Blake and Andy Warhol to Edward Hopper and David Hockney. If you ever get the chance to visit one of his exhibitions do take it. he shows his work all over the world regularly.

bluebellgray colourful art wall gallery

So much respect for Fiona, the founder of Bluebellgray. You can spot one of her paintings a mile off. Really distinctive. Not saying I’m obsessed or anything but I have her art, ceramic set, cushions and duvet set. The company is based in Scotland but you’ll se her creations in many stores all over the world now, as well as her own shop in Glasgow.

I’d love to know if you have any stores you can rely on for something a bit special ? Or have you discovered someone knew here ? Do leave me a comment under this post.

You can also find some more inspiring art over on my Pinterest board.