Our new Polaris Mistral Worktops from Karonia Surfaces

Mistral white kitchen worktops island blue kitchen

Firstly, I want to say thanks so much to everyone who has paid a lovely compliment about our new kitchen. Really appreciate it. Today, I want to show you our Mistral tops from Karonia Surfaces that were such an important factor in the overall design and I will talk through the process and why we chose this.

Since we moved in to our home nearly ten years ago, I’d always found the old worktops hadn’t lifted the room, if you know what I mean ? They were black which for a room that didn’t at the time allow in much natural light was a bit of a shame. But, that’s all in the past now. Because we have our new Mistral Surfaces and they have made all the difference.

We also have the mistral on the new island too. Honestly, I feel like Mary Berry swanning around because there’s so much more space and inclination to spend time making interesting meals. The pasta maker has made an appearance and I have even offered up our place for Christmas Dinner this year. I’m feeling that confident.

If you saw the original plan I made then you’ll see the dimensions which worked out well.

Karonia Surfaces White Polaris worktops in blue kitchen

I think I first became of Karonia Surfaces quite some time ago as I’d seen their worktops in magazines and of course on good ol’ insta. I was looking for something new and sharp looking for the kitchen which would brighten it and also be non porous as I wanted something low maintenance and good quality. Not asking much right ? :) But their Mistral ticked all these boxes. Any spillages can be wiped clean easily.

I was pretty set on something uncomplicated and with a teeny tiny bit of sparkle. So Polaris was perfect as it has that plus very subtle small clear chips within the resin. Also because the island needed jointing to create the size we wanted,  it would blend together brilliantly and actually now in situ, you cannot even see where the join is. It’s seamless.

What’s also pretty cool is that it can be sanded too so any scuffs over the years can be removed. It’s made of a very strong acrylic resin that is has a high level of heat and chemical resistance too so it was a bit of a no brainer all round.

mistral worktops karonia surfaces white smart non porous

So, where did I start with choosing the right surface and look when there are lots of options ? Well, firstly I spoke with the lovely guys at Karonia and they recommended me a local company called Woollards of Mildenhall – they’ve been absolutely first class in helping along the way.

Ian Woolard came over and measured up and bought with him the entire range of Mistral to look through. Karonia and Ian worked together and kept each other up to speed at all times which was amazing. Made my life so much easier with all the other things to consider.

karonia surfaces white mistral polaris drainer gold sink

The edging around the sink was created to have a slight overhang. Within the design, We also moved the drainer to the other side of the sink so it would be above the dishwasher and during the preparation process for this, the Mistral was sloped to enable efficient drainage.  The good thing about using this Mistral is that it is very easy for a fitter to custom shape and angle to your specifications, often even on site, so quick to install. I’ve found the overall finished look gives a nice bespoke feel.

Karona Surfaces Mistral white smart clean look in kitchenKitchen hob blue kitchen mistral surface

The Mistral has also been used for splash backs and covers the whole of the black of the hob. So it can be wiped easily. I find that because it’s smooth and white, it’s much easier to see and keep clean.

Andy our fitter asked us what kind of edging we would like – which was a slightly rounded finish including the splash backs, which he produced swiftly. I’m always blown away by how effortless good fitters make their work look.

Polaris White Kitchen WorktopsKaronia Surface Mistral Polaris White

I’d been so looking forward to having the surfaces put in and was not disappointed at all. It’s made the room so much lighter. It made me realise just how much the space needed it. It feels nice to proudly show you my kitchen now after hiding it away for so many years.

Mistral white polaris worktop blue kitchen Karonia Mistral white worktops kitchen clean today look

Although we chose Polaris, Mistral comes in many different styles and colours. Some more like ours right through to something suitable for a more dramatic scheme. It is also used in bathrooms so not just a kitchen option.

I highly recommend Karonia Surfaces. They know their onions when it comes to Mistral. They also have a store with everything you need for installing and maintaining your worktops.

I can’t sing the praises of Woollards of Mildenhall highly enough  – they are the Premier Expert Fabricators and Fitters of Mistral in East Anglia. I’m really grateful for the introduction from Karonia. It’s important to feel looked after when making big home improvement decisions and it was a good experience from start to finish.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Do leave me a comment with any questions or just to say hi. Always good to hear from you.

The Surfaces were gifted to me. As always all opinions are my own.



They look lovely and such a nice bright contrast against the blue cupboards. I’ve not come across them before, but they sound like an interesting option (I am busy getting ideas for our long planned kitchen renovation). So glad you had a great fitter to work with, that makes all the difference. Enjoy your new kitchen!


I absolutely love your new kitchen. It’s got such a nice vibe about it now and it’s so lovely and bright. The new surfaces are amazing. And it’s odd how much lighter they can make a room. No wonder you’re so happy now.


My kitchen is almost the same colour as yours but over 20 years old. The old wooden worktops are really showing their age. I love the look of these Karonia worktops, especially as they are low maintenance, unlike the wooden ones I have.


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