New Year and a New Course with KLC School of Design

KLC Interior Design DiplomaI’m very excited to tell you that I started a new course recently for the New Year. An online diploma in Interior Design with the KLC School of Design. A little while ago, while I was nominated for my award, I was invited, along with some other bloggers, by KLC and Amara to an afternoon  ‘ Introduction to Colour ‘ Course at their college at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre East which is based at The Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, which was really interesting. We put together some ideas ourselves and talked about the colour wheel and also the different styles of interior designers.

Colour Wheel

I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been wanting to do one of their courses for a while so went home and had a think for a few months about studying with them on a more permanent basis.

I already know lots about fabrics and how to make things and hang them –  and I obviously already have a huge love of colour inspiration. What I want to learn more about is practical, in terms of creative concept, how to do a brief for a client, the business side and how to make 3d models. Basically, I want a good qualification in Interior Design.

KLC Study Lucy Loves Ya

So, I am now signed up to the KLC School Online Interior Design Diploma..

As you can see, lots of new equipment has been bought and I have made a start on the first section and feel pretty excited about what this all may turn in to. After all, it’s what I love doing and feel that everything else I have achieved in the last few years has helped get me to this point. There will be some challenges ( I am not a natural when it comes to technical drawing ) but I am totally up for getting better. There seems to be lots of online support, I am sure it will be fine.

Start of My KLC Course

Hopefully you will stay with me on the journey. I would love that. Lots of books to discover, interesting homes to study and loads of colourful images.

In fact, there are a few things coming up this year that I hope you will enjoy. It’s going to be very busy ….

In the meantime if you would like to know more about any of the KLC School courses either online or at their actual HQ – then you can find more information here.

Have a brill 2016.

Lucy x


Jo Adshead

Hi Lucy, I’m seriously considering enrolling on the same online KLC course for near enough the exact same reasons as yourself. I’m looking forward to following your journey – one that I might be taking soon too. Exciting stuff! Jo

Jo Adshead

Morning Lucy. I’ve just received more info through from KLC and does look an impressive & a full on course! How are you finding it and the work load?!


Hi Jo, I have been doing it on and off. I think it’ll take me about 16 hours a week to finish it in the time frame that I have planned. Have you enrolled? :)

Jo Adshead

Yes today! I’m also going on to the one day intro workshop for it in Feb just so I meet tutors and get a good insight into the course. Haven’t properly studied for about 20 years so need all the help I can get!! Slightly anxious and excited at the same time


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