Live Your Own Way with Founder and Designer Tom Raffield

Feb 8, 2021 | Design Interiors, Interviews, News

tom raffield lighting furniture steam bending

What an interesting chat with week on Live Your Own Way with Sustainable Lighting and Homeware Founder and Designer Tom Raffield who creates handcrafted pieces using a steam bending technique.

I’ve been following Tom’s career for a long time now and . Talking on the Podcast meant we could delve a bit deeper in to how he chose his profession and has become a word leader in his field.  We even discuss Vikings. Why wouldn’t we ?

tom raffield steam bent furniture

I first got to know of the brand because I spotted their amazing intricate Lighting and often recommend them to clients. Also it would have bene impossible to miss their incredible Stands at the Chelsea Flower Show over several years, for which awards were most definitely won.

Being a real fan of  Tom’s work – there was a lot ground to cover which ranged from products they have launched over the years always with their eyes firmly focused on responsibility regarding the planet and some incredible  and unique collaborations. He is so passionate and interesting about steam bending and sustainability, which makes for an easy job on my part with the Podcast.

Of course, one of the first things we talked about why it became such a huge draw to him being such a unique thing to do.

tom raffield lighting wooden steam bent

One of the areas I really wanted to cover was the intricacy of some of the designs and what process they use to make the lighting such as the Skipper here above. How it stays in shape and how do they make it stay in shape so perfectly.

The Loer here below is named after the Moon in Cornish. Really beautiful don’t you think ?

tom raffield lighting furniture

tom raffield furniture lighting

tom raffield steam bench shelving wooden

I love that a lot of their designs have the Tom Raffield classic steam bent element to them. So cleverly done.

It was extremely good news to hear that there could well be some new launches this year. Obviously I won’t divulge all right here right now, but there might be a little bit of info on the Podcast. You never know …

You can listen to our chat on all the usual channels here below. Do subscribe for more  – another great guest lined up next week. I feel very grateful to be chatting to such creative and fascinating people.


You may remember I did a blog interview a few years back with Tom which you can find here.

All other Podcast episodes can also be find on this page. Hope you enjoy.



  1. Clare L Nijhawan

    What an interesting man. So talented. Very unique work.

    • lucylovesya

      I agree! very interesting and his work is just beautiful.


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