jessica albarn drawing bee on playing card

A lovely chat on my Live Your Own Way Podcast this week with Fine Artist Jessica Albarn.

well known for her insect and animal fine line drawings on paper that are often multi layered incorporating geometry. She also produces her work with clay, glass, honey and wax. We discussed how she creates her pieces and what inspired her fascination with the animal eco system.

fine artist jessica albarn sketch drawing

Jessica Albarn Artist drawing bee

Jessica Albarn drawing bee sketch fine art sketch

Jessica is devoted to bees and uses her work to raise awareness to their plight.

I was interested to hear more about Jessica’s family meadow in Devon which has been developed to encourage all sorts of wildlife. She created a film called Life After Death sitting amongst the nature there and incorporating a stop motion drawing. You may well want to see it after listening to how she made it on the Podcast.

Jessica Albarn art owl sketch geomotry

hare drawing fine art jessica albarn

There is a lot to talk about as Jessica has exhibited her work in many corners of the world over many years. Some of her commissions include Soho House, Hoxton Hotel, V & A and Mandarin Oriental Hotel – a hugely long list and with some really interesting new ones coming up.

You can listen to my full Podcast chat with Jessica Albarn here on any of these channels.

Hope you enjoy. All other episodes can be found here.