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Mar 8, 2021 | Design Interiors, DIY/Projects, Interviews, News

rob whitaker claybrook studio artistic director

So, here we are at week 8 and this time I am chatting with Creative Director of Claybrook Studio Rob Whitaker who along with fellow Founders Andy Manders and Lucy Kenna hit the interior design scene only a few years ago, making a huge impact with their eye catching tiles. Due to demand, they soon added wooden flooring, paint  and bathroom fixtures and fittings.

What brought the three of them together and how has the company become so successful in such a short space of time ? This obviously comes with hard work and years of experience between them. They have strong values when it comes to how their customers should be treated. It is interesting to hear how they run their business and what decisions they made early on to ensure they are all a happy team. Some really sound advice for budding business owners.

contemporary bathroom grey white tiles unique sink colourful

Not only do they run the store online, there is a showroom in Shoreditch which can be visited to check out their ranges of. Something I am looking forward to doing again soon. I’ve missed pottering around in interior shops.

As, I mentioned to Rob, I feel like a kind in a sweet shop as an interior designer, looking at all of their incredible designs, How do they come up with them and what is the difference between a ceramic and clay tile ?

blue japanese style kitchen tiles

The glazing on the Porcelain Zeze tiles is influenced by Japanese traditional techniques – I think it really makes them stand out ? They come in 5 different shades.

We are seeing tiles being used in many more ways these days especially now that fireplaces have become a focus again.

spanish style tiles bathroom kitchen red orange

During the Podcast I picked out some of my absolute favourites to talk about. One being the Festive Ribbon design. I loved the inspiration behind these. I think you might too. It certainly took me straight back to childhood on a sunny Spring day. It’s interesting how a pattern or colour can take you on a journey.

triangle bathroom kitchen tiles claybrook studio

These Bermuda Triangle tiles are one of their newer tiles and come in seven colours. I did mention them to Rob in the Podcast because they caught my eye recently and we talked about how they can be used in a design in several different ways. I really do love them. What do you think ?

orange wall paint retro mid century homepink paint wall inspiration

As I mentioned Claybrook Studio do a fabulous range of eco friendly paints. They have very cool names. Carly’s Loafers and Claire’s Lippy, that you can see above are just a few of them. What inspired them and how and how do they manufacture them all ?

Naturally, I wouldn’t let Rob go until he told me about his own taste when it comes to interiors. Does he have a Claybrook adorned home ?

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  1. Mary Ann

    I really do like those Bermuda Triangle tiles. Love they they’re used in the photo you included. I need to find out if there are any other colors. I love those pictured, but I would love even more colors :)

    • lucylovesya

      Hey, they do have other colours. Check them out! :)


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