How to Make a Pencil Pleat Door Curtain

front door DIY curtain on Youtube

Although making videos takes quite some time, I really enjoy them so have put together a Youtube tutorial alongside this blog post on how to make a pencil pleat door curtain, which you can see below, but hang on just a sec while I talk you through the rest of the area which I’ve also updated with new hues and textiles.

Although making a fuller gathered style of curtain involves more fabric in width than, say, a tab top or a pinch pleat which is another option, but for something on show downstairs and potentially keeping drafts at bay, my choice is for something full and cosy looking. There’s nothing nicer on a winter’s night than shutting out the darkness and cold.

I know a before and after is useful but I’m not sure I want you to see how it looked prior – it’s a distant memory now thank goodness.

Considering the curtain is right on show, I’ve been too busy to get round to making it more cohesive but it’s done now and I love looking at it while I am working.

As all sorts of things end up by the front door … boots and bags for starters, I felt just one curtain would be a good idea, to take up less space and there was enough room to the side to enable pulling it back easily.

Disclosure: Gifted items from Style Library, Horace Panter Art and Next included in this post.
Pink Door Paint and Green Door Curtain by Sanderson lovely combination

Some might say that putting a green curtain and pink door together is a bold move, but they are a natural fit. I was careful about which colour tones I went for. Both being too strong might not have worked but a slightly lighter shade like this Rose Ash Light paint with the Papavera Plains in Cactus both by Sanderson, balanced nicely.

If I had to pick my favourite thing about interior design I would opt for textiles and putting them with paint colours. I’m so glad that I learnt to sew years ago as it really helps knowing what each type of fabric can do and how it will work with it’s surroundings.

DIY Curtain on Youtube how to make a front door curtain

Recently, one of my favourite artists Horace Panter sent me one of his Walkman Fine Art Prints which was a really lovely treat as a big fan of his work, both artistically and musically with The Specials, so we’ve had it framed and it really brightens up the wall. We also have Horace’s cassette print and I love them both equally. They are real talking points – my friends and I love to reminisce, although they are available again and very trendy. I used to record Top of the Pops off the television (which I ended up years later working on ! ) and then playing it on my way to school with my headphones. Good times.

Sanderson painted door Rose Ash Light and Papavera Plains in Cactus Green

The curtain pole is from Next. It is extendable and they come in different sizes ( and colours ) which is handy to fit the the area exactly, as needed here.

Colourful woven fabric by Harlequin

So, back to the fabrics. Everyone who comes in loves this woven Harlequin, Hamada in Fuchsia Marine. Inspired apparently by textural elements of pottery making. It has a 70s look and feel to it. It’s so rich and the plaid is really eye catching. The paint on the bench is called Ocean Spray Light made by Sanderson. I opted for Water Based Eggshell finish, which was the same as the door. It is a very subtle grey which makes the vivid stripes above it pop.

I had a bit of material left over so made some cushions too …

Hamada by Harlequin fabric in multi colours

Plus there was enough to use for a roman blind. I don’t like waste, so also kept the lining of the original blind there and fittings and just took the front off and replaced with the Hamada. Guess that’s maybe a Youtube tutorial for another day ? It makes sense to re – use everything if you can. Less measuring, cutting out and good for the planet :)

Hope you enjoy this video and find it useful. A curtain is quite a straightforward thing to create and once you’ve made one, you’ll find it really easy to navigate the next time. It’s the joins, if some are necessary – and adding lining that can be a bit confusing but hopefully it clarifies all of that.

As I’m fairly new to making these little films, any thumbs up or subscribers are really appreciated as it’ll help me grow on the Youtube platform.

Let me know how you get on if you give the DIY a go ?

If you would like to check out more colourways in these fabrics and paints then head over to Style Library. But make yourself a cup of tea first. You will be there a while, I always am.

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Sarah Buck

Well done Lucy. I love the fabric for your blinds. Im not the only one reusing the old lining and bits and pieces to make a new one then. Sarahxx


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