Going Green for a Teenager Bedroom

Jul 3, 2020 | Design Interiors, DIY/Projects, News

green bedroom book shelves col bedroom

A few weeks ago I promised this post after showing you our newly painted in Mylands Mint Street and so here it is – we are going green for the teenager bedroom too, but a very different shade.

Finding the right colour and balance for a room that is being used for study and socialising you know that thing we used to do … and will again at some point – and also wanting to go for something a bit more grown up to see her through the next few years.

I let Mae decide on the colour and she was quite definite that she wanted a strong one and it ended up being a choice between Primrose Hill and this one Stockwell Green.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Mylands.

Teenager Bedroom vinyl inspiration

It was an excellent choice to be fair. In the morning and evenings, when the sun is rising and going down, it has a coppery warm tone to it and it’s very calming.

I think the teenager phase in a child’s life for finding the right colour is as important as when they are babies, but for different reasons obviously. They spend so much time in their bedrooms – thought it would never happen to us but alas it has ! If they are studying in the room then a balancing hue is pretty vital in my opinion.

Green Bedroom wall teenager bedroom colourful warm inspirationgreen bedroom for teenager

Green is naturally associated with nature, serenity, the feeling of calm, refreshment and harmony. All the things that might be needed for long days and nights studying. I think we had opted for a red or orange then it would have been far too intense and definitely not conducive for good sleep and concentration.

It feels inviting and cosy in the room. Although I rarely get invited in these days… I have to invite myself.

Music Gallery Wall Mylands Stockwell Green Teenager

Mylands Paint Stockwell Green

The name Stockwell Green is taken from the site of the original Mylands shop opened in 1884. They call it a mixture of dark Georgian and rich apple green which sums it up perfectly.

Finish wise this is Marble Matt Emulsion which goes on really well. Two coats is completely adequate. It’s a nice creamy texture.

So this is the second time we have used Mylands and they are definitely on my recommend list. Still love Mint Street. I’m very picky about my paints so I don’t say that lightly. Hoping to do another room soon.

Green bedroom teenager bookshelves raninbow mylands

What do you think of the teenager colour make over? Leave us a comment  – also do pop over to my instagram page; there’s lots of inspiration over there too.



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