Five Calming Colours for your Home

Teal Bedroom Next RAttan Planter bookcase ideas for quiet cosy relaxing space

Often, on my social media, I receive messages asking about paint colours. All sorts of different aspects but a lot about using calming colours in the home. In fact, a lot more this year which I think says that we are looking more than ever to find solace and treat our homes as havens more than ever.

It’s one of my favourite subjects and I feel, very important to get it right – part of your self care. I’ve had clients tell me they’ve spent years not feeling entirely comfortable in what should be a lovely room. We have changed the colour and just like that – so much happier in it. There are so many variations of a colour so sometimes just changing a tone if you’re set on a certain hue etc can make all the difference.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before but in my twenties I trained in Healing and so studied the relation of colour and it’s impact intensely, which was really useful and helpful when becoming an interior designer.

I’ve have picked out some room colours today that are harmonious and great for serenity.


I’m not just saying this because my own bedroom is teal – but it really is a very soothing colour. I often wonder if it’s part of the reason humans are drawn to visiting the coast? To look at the deep greeny blue water which is always balancing for the soul. There are various variations from deep to light and they all have a similar impact.

I’ve used it on all walls as I like the feeling of being enveloped in it –  for some this could be slightly overwhelming but you could if preferred maybe just paint a feature wall – or even just add it as an accent colour in cushions, blinds or a chair. You could add some neutral tones or more greens including plants. Playing around with the proportions will help you work out what suits you. As ever I do recommend a mood board.

Pink Dressing Room Calming Space Balancing pretty calm room in home Swoon Worthy Blog
Image Credit: Kimberly Duran  – Swoon Worthy.


I get lost in a bit of a happy abyss when I start in to this kind of colour pink. Using the right pink can have a really good effect on the mind and body. It is actually sometimes used in sport training areas to rest energy levels, so a really good option for when you need to chill out.

Of course, there are so many different types of pink, some stronger will wake you up and therefore better for the kitchen or living area where you want to chat. This one though in Kimberly’s Vanity Space next to the bedroom is ideal for having some time to rest –  and how lovely does it look with these plants ? She always does pinks very well in her home.

Pink is also linked in Chakras closely to the heart as is green. It’s universally known as being related to love – so you can’t go wrong.

Are you a fan of this colour too ?

White Calming Space Living Room relaxing home ideas inspiration
Image credit: Natasha Denness Coaching.


There’s no doubt that a pure white room is extremely relaxing. You just have to look at meditation spaces to see how impactful it can be. Adding some light accent colours if desired – gentle blues or greens will be nice and easy on the eye. My bedroom was once white with some light teals and I did love it. Found it very easy to switch off and not overthink.

White is sometimes used to give the feeling of space. I love how it makes a room feel so fresh and clean. It’s no surprise that many meditation spaces are white. Natasha is a Life Coach and this space must be perfect for reading and working.

It really helps with pure white to have lots of natural sunlight. If not – then another neutral might work more for you.

Green bedroom teenager bookshelves raninbow mylands


When it comes to green – there’s a spectrum of possibilities. It has a strong association with nature and therefore great in biophilic design. It’s not only tranquil but also natural and balancing. Did you know that green is sometimes used in operating theatres to balance the surgeons eye against the red while doing an operation? Also there are ‘Green Rooms’ in tv studios ( I’ve spent a fair few years in them ) to relax guests before they are on a show. So it is universally accepted as good for the mind.

You can layer greens together nicely and it’s also a colour that combines with lots of other hues. So a great choice. As I mentioned before – we chose this green for our teenager’s bedroom because the next couple of years of GCSE’s will be helped along by a steady colour. When the sun is setting outside and it hits the wall, it’s stunning.

If you do head more towards lime – which has zingy yellow in it,  it will become energising and not good for sleep –  so worth taking that in to account.

Purple bedroom inspiration calming serene ideas home colours
Image credit: @miafelce  – instagram.


But not just any shade purple. Although it is a very spiritual colour – some can be more intense and stimulating.

This beautiful deep Lavender is very peaceful. Love it with the old fireplace – it works so well together and Mia’s choice of adding wood and gold really contrasts perfectly. It feels really grounding but decadent at the same time, if that makes sense ?

Purple is a mix, as you may know of red and blue combined so dependant on the balance you will get very different outcomes. This has more blue in it which definitely gives a feeling of serenity. I once used a similar choice to this in my own home and really loved it – having seen this room I am tempted to do it again.

Hope you’ve found this post useful and do feel free to ask any questions below if you’d like to.

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Great post in interior colours. As a decorating firm, it’s always nice to see people encouraged to stray from the usual a little.


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