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May 24, 2019 | News, Outdoors

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You might call 9 years of talking and thinking about doing our garden a little on the side of procrastination ? But this year when we hit the start of Spring I decided this was the season we would finally get motivated by creating a Mediterranean border with Garden on a Roll.

But where to start when you’re a gardening novice and the closest you’ve ever got to feeling at all  in the know about creating a healthy garden border, is when you’re sitting watching Gardner’s World with a cuppa ?

This is why I got in touch with Antony, a professional landscape garden designer, who has a company called Garden on a Roll whom you may already have heard of ? Basically they do all the planning and choosing work for you and package it all up in a box.

You just have to do the gardening bit your end.

You can choose from 7 different types to suit. These are Shady, Sunny, Wildlife, English Cottage, Evergreen Easy Care or Mediterranean which is what we opted for.

I’ve always had a thing about that part of the world which was encouraged further by my visit to The Eden Project Biomes a few years ago – if you remember?  You then choose your border size and that really is it.

Mediterranean Border Plants Greenery Shrubs

Antony checked with me first whether our type of soil would be suitable and then not long after a beautiful big card box box arrived by delivery with all the plants needed for our 9 metre by 40 cm border along with the specially mapped out on a bio degradable paper roll and everything else supplied to get the job done which included a tote bag with a trowl, gloves, pegs, some Root Plus and information to get me started.

Garden on a Roll

I think the thing that has put me off doing the garden before is the fear that I may put the wrong plants in and cause chaos. So it was really reassuring to know that I could follow the plan and do as I was told. This ‘ Good Luck ‘ note on the roll was a lovely start to the project.

Soil preparation gardening garden on a roll ideas tips

Although I had already pretty much got the bed ready beforehand and used some old bricks that my Mum gave us for a border, I went over the soil again before starting and really mixed in the organic matter.

Then I pushed back the top layer to make way for the roll and would use this excess soil at the end to push back over the roll and surround the plants. The roll disperses over time so all in all a really quick and practical way to

putting garden pegs gardening ideas tips

So next was laying the roll along the bed and pegging it down to hold it down securely and make the next step easy.

garden on a roll planting mediterranean plants flowers

Next I cut along all the lines inside the circles to make way for planting. Pushing back the corners. Honestly, by this point I was thinking ” I love gardening ” … and was also filming the process. More on that later …

Then digging holes big enough for the plants, dunking the bases of each one in to water first and then in they went. As mentioned earlier I then covered them all over with the soil left over and made sure everything was patted down. It all took a few hours which really wasn’t too bad at all.

Garden on A roll Border Mediterranean

Now all I have to do is keep them watered, give them some feed every now and then – and over time they will grow in to a really lush mixture of Mediterranean colour and greenery. I will update you in a while on how it’s all going.

Scabousa Misty Butterfly pink FlowerGeum Orange FlowerLeptospermum pink flowerSalvia Plant Purple Garden Border

I had to grab a few close up pics of some of the flowers. Top to bottom these are Scabousa, Geum, Leptospermum and Salvia. I can’t wait to see these mature.

It was really good to get my first Youtube video under my belt too. So if you fancy watching the process as well as reading about it then have a look here and give it a thumbs if you fancy. Don’t be put off by my slightly scary face here in the preview. Haha. If you subscribe there will be more videos soon to see.

Also  – if you’d like to leave me a comment please do. Always love to hear from you.

You can find out more about these amazing Garden on a Roll borders here. I’ve loved the experience.

Disclaimer: The Border was supplied by Garden on a Roll. As always all opinions are my own.



  1. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    We used Garden on a Roll in our old house and it was amazing. So easy to use. And give it a year and I promise you’re going to be even more wowed as everything starts to grow a bit more and fill out x

    • lucylovesya

      Hi Rachel! That’s really good to hear. It’s been such a fun process and you learn so much at the same time. Thanks for commenting x

  2. Natasha

    Lovely post and how clever! I’m looking forward to seeing how they look in a few months…

    I hope you have a great week, Lucy. xx

    • lucylovesya

      I can’t wait to show you, Natasha! You too x


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