Create an Urban Jungle with these Tropical Houseplants

Mar 8, 2018 | Design Interiors, News, Outdoors

Over the last few years I’ve become increasingly obsessed with plants. You only have to read my last post about planters for evidence. So, here’s some tips on how to create an urban jungle with tropical houseplants.

I was pretty well over the moon when Urban Jungle opened it’s second centre, even nearer to me, because it’s such a clever venture full of exotic plants and colourful homeware – and omg the food is pretty delicious. I think it’s also so important to give a big shout out for local businesses that are offering something totally unique and felt a post was in order plus I am going to talk through some recommendations for tropical houseplant buying thanks to Nick, one of their team who passed on some wisdom :)

There are so many options if you’re choosing a plant and they all have slightly different needs. Although surprisingly low maintenance considering they’re not in their original habitat. The one above is a Snake plant  ( Latin name Sanseveria ) Super easy to care for as it’s from the succulent family. Only needs watering once or twice a month. It’s great for the home especially bedrooms as it’s an air purifier.

spider plants  There are different types including these ( left and right ) which are very cool because you can plait them. Okay that’s just my weird reason but they are pretty quirky aren’t they ?

With mine, I water it every few months and it’s happy with that.

Fiddle leaf fig plant

This plant is known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus. It originates from tropic rainforests of Western Africa.

It needs decent light but not overly bright and not to be moved around as it doesn’t like change. The leaves at the bottom sometimes die off so you need to remove them and they do grow back. Don’t over water the plant – keep the top soil moist.

Natal Lily plant orange petals

Natal Lily Plant aka Clivia Miniata. I took this one home this time. How could I not ? It’s a South African woodland plant that grows the most amazing orange flowers. It has a flowering rest period around Autumn when it needs to have a cooler environment other than that it prefers a warmer temperature. The leaves are also really pretty and they don’t die off. Again don’t over water – let it become 50% dry before watering again.

Sago palm plant

Top left is the Sago Palm or Cycas Revoluta. This is one of my favourites because it’s base resembles a pineapple. These are excellent for conservatories. They can get huge so be warned ;)

From Japan, they can live inside or out and are slow growing.

Bottom right is a Corn Plant – Draceana Massangeana Fragrans originally from Madagascar  – you can’t see the trunk of it in this photo but it looks like a little tree. It’s a very popular houseplant because it’s so it doesn’t ask much and perfect for the beginner. You can put it anywhere in the home. It does grow larger so be aware of that. It’s a great foliage plant.

Rhipsalis plant cacti

I adore the Mistletoe Cacti ( Rhipsalis ) it is really versatile as it works in a hanging basket or in a pot and just does it’s thing ! Doesn’t need much watering and when you do add some water at the bottom in a little plate so it takes what it needs. Ideally put it in a bright room but not direct sunlight.

lipstick plant aeschynathus mona lisa plant hanging

Another lovely hanging plant is the Mona Lisa – in Latin: Aeschynathus. Also known as Lipstick Plant. They love warn temperatures and humidity. Ideal for bathrooms and I guess a kitchen. I would pop this on a shelf. Another plant that likes some water in a plate under the pot.

houseplants easy

I can vouch for the Pothos plant as we have one in our living room and it’s a great feature with it’s shiny, marbled leaves. Very low maintenance and really hardy, it’s perfect for a busy home. I water the pothos about once a week and keep the top inch moist. In the Summer apparently a little but of plant feed is helpful.

air plant

You may have seen Air Plants ( Tillandsia ) on Pinterest being used in all sorts of random ways as it doesn’t need soil so sometimes people hang them from shelves or attach to mirrors. They look great tucked in to sand with succulents. They just need a little bit of mist spray and they’re good to go.

urban jungle tropical plants


boden blue bag

I hope my tips are helpful. It’s such a joy to visit Urban Jungle and I wanted to share it with you. It is situated just outside of Beccles and they are also based in Costessey near Norwich. There are loads and loads of outdoor plants too. I feel like I’m on holiday there with the palm trees and giant Cacti to greet you.

boden boots

Sitting amongst the greenery jungle and vibrant colours to eat your meals makes each table feel like you have lots of privacy and the music is alway nice and chilled.

urban jungle suffolk

Do you have any favourite places to visit locally ? We are lucky to have Urban Jungle close by Let me know …

Lucy x

All clothing very kindly c / o Boden – Printed Jumper, Renee Shoulder Bag, Black Boho Boots, Soho Skinny Jeans.




  1. Kirsty

    I love this Lucy and I’m so excited about creating my own urban jungle!!!! Thank you for the advice

    • lucylovesya

      Thanks, Kirsty! So pleased you found it helpful x

  2. Cate

    Great tips! I’m so into plants too, I really want a fiddle leaf fig next xx

    • lucylovesya

      Oh yes – they’re beautiful. I want one too. Thanks for reading, Cate x

  3. Candy Pop

    Oh wow! I hope they open one near me, it looks amazing and the food sounds good too! Have a great weekend, Lucy. x

    • lucylovesya

      You would really love it Natasha! Happy Friday x

  4. Oldfashionedsusie

    I need to visit this place at some point! I think I’d want to move in!

    • lucylovesya

      You MUST! Susie, you’d love the whole place x

  5. Carole King

    I’m determined to up my game with real plants this year, so thanks for this. There’s quite a few here that I fancy – just have to remember not to overwater #guilty

    • lucylovesya

      This is the thing. I have been guilty of that too. Have a good weekend, Carole x

  6. Will

    I’ve recently started to add more greenery and plants to my home and I love it! Now, I just need to figure out how to keep them alive… wish me luck! ;) P.S. Your glasses jumper is SO cute! Happy Friday!

    – Will

    • lucylovesya

      Good luck, Will! :) I think it’s trial and error but watering and the right environment seems to be key. Thanks for stopping by x .. oh, and thanks… Boden as always creating cool knits :)

  7. Stacey Sheppard

    I wish this place was near me. It looks totally amazing. I’m obsessed with plants but I’m not very good at keeping them alive. I’m going to stick to the few that I’ve managed not to kill. The snake plant is amazingly resilient. I’ll definitely be getting a few more of those this year. Love the jumper you’re wearing too.

    • lucylovesya

      Hi Stacey, thank you! I love it too. Good ol’ Boden!
      Yes the snake plant is fantastic and they also look so good. I think succulents are the best to start with. I look forward to seeing them on your blog x

  8. Kimberly ~ Swoon Worthy

    So many great plants shown and such good tips! I got a Snake plant a few months ago and can’t believe how well it did even in my dark hallway that doesn’t get a lot of light in winter. Definitely going to get a few more this year! xx

    • lucylovesya

      I think Snake plants are the way forward!! I look forward to seeing them on your blog :) xx

  9. Stephanie

    Fantastic plants and tips. Thank you, I have been thinking about adding more plants to my home but don’t know where to start!

    • lucylovesya

      My pleasure, Stephanie. Have a good week x

  10. Kathryn

    I wish I was better at keeping house plants alive. What a gorgeous selection – I spotted one there called Mother-in-law’s tongue which always makes me laugh!


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