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Nov 27, 2019 | Design Interiors, Giveaways, News

matthew williamson midnight jungle candle giveaway on blog tropical scent

Disclosure: Candle gifted to me by Matthew Williamson Home Frangrance.

Think it might be okay to mention that Christmas is creeping up on us, especially as I have something really rather special to offer as a giveaway. A large 600g and beautifully scented Luxury Matthew Williamson Midnight Jungle Candle worth £140.

Maybe it would be an early gift for yourself – we all deserve a treat at this time of year do we not ? Or something you would love to win for someone.

As a big fan of iconic world renowned British Designer Matthew Williamson and his use of Kaleidoscopic colourI feel really lucky to have received a candle for myself to try out. He is way up there when it comes to his signature prints and vibrant textiles. Matthew has poured together these elements to create his own collection of home fragrances which I can confirm are stunning. Not only to fragrance your room but also aesthetically too.

Being pretty picky about aromas, loving especially quite earthy and rich tones – this does not disappoint. In fact this is how Midnight Jungle is described by Matthew: Exotic, dense jungle terrain inspires the scent of blackcurrant, fig leaves and gardenia. A mysterious mix of natural honey, patchouli and cedar wood evoke the undergrowth of a midnight jungle.

I’d say it is exactly how it has been described.

Matthew says of his home fragrance designs: “As well as creating unique scents that I personally love, I wanted the candles to be objects of beauty and reflect all of the design elements which I have become known.” 

Each of the candles from the luxury range come beautifully presented in boxes and are hand finished in Matthew’s London studio. The great thing about these is that when you’ve burnt the candle completely, you can then keep the ceramic jar as a keepsake. I will be using mine to store some of my interior design tools in, on my desk but they’d look good as a vase too.

Matthew Williamson Candle Midnight Jungle Parrot Colourful Print Designer Styling

So you can see both sides, I’ve taken a picture of the parrot on the reverse.

The other four signature scents in the range are as follows …

Jaipur Jewelaipur Jewel captures the essence of India’s bustling and vibrant pink city. A heady mix of incense, spices and woody notes combine with natural accents of juniper and cinnamon.

Summer Siesta  – Inspired by coastal and Mediterranean towns and villages. Summer Siesta is a refreshingly crisp and uplifting scent with notes of mandarin, lemon and tuberose.

English GardenTraditional cottage gardens and meadows provide inspiration for this floral and fruit based scent with accents of Ceylon tea, orange blossom and rose evoking the unique charm of an English garden.

Palm SpringsFragrant white roses and delicate jasmine flowers form the heart of the Palm Springs scent. Vanilla, leather and musk add depth whilst ozonic top notes evoke a fresh summer breeze.

Midnight Jungle Matthew Williamson Candle Leopard Tropical Patchouli

Thought I’d also mention that there are also 200g candles in glass jars finished with his pineapple and peacock motif and room diffusers with bottles and grey reeds. They are quite timeless in style and all with a really luxurious feel.

Each fragrance has been refined with natural materials from all over the world – from jasmine flowers and tuberose sourced from Grasse in France to spices in Indonesia.

Now that I’ve photographed my own candle to show you, I can use it – thank goodness ! We are having a Birthday celebration here this weekend and I cannot wait to fill the room with this gorgeous scent for everyone.

So, if you’d like to enter this giveaway, I’m using Rafflecopter as it’s a nice and easy way to do it. The winner will randomly be picked once the giveaway ends on the 3rd December. I’ve added some terms and conditions below. This is a UK only giveaway.

Wishing you good luck. Hope you win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You must follow instructions on Rafflecopter correctly to enter. The winner’s entries will be checked and verified.
This giveaway is UK based only.
Postage and Packaging supplied and will be sent out on behalf of Matthew Williamson Home Fragrance.
No alternative prize or cash offered.
Entrants must be 18 or over.
A winner will be picked randomly and contacted soon after the giveaway ends. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.



  1. V

    I’d love to win as I’m trying to make my lounge a more grown up space in my house! And you can’t beat a beautiful candle!

  2. Siobhán Mullan

    Lucy thanks for sharing details of these beautiful candles. Always great to find out about new products. Great giveway be delightful to win one.

  3. tressa herriott

    It would be great to win being a little candle obsessed this would be a welcome and special addition to the cosy and house welcoming collection

  4. Iain maciver

    perfect for my daughter

  5. joanna butler-savage

    it’s beautiful and would make a fabulous centerpiece in our dining room

  6. Sarah Heath

    I would love to win as this would look perfect in my bedroom.

  7. Pam Francis Gregory

    Always love a quality candle!

    • Helen Best

      What a beautiful Candle looks lovely i can imagine looking pretty when lit in a room

  8. Ursula Hunt

    The candle is perfect for me, I adore candles and this would be a fantastic pick me up after a hard few months

  9. Joanne Darnell

    Because it looks amazing!

  10. Kristin Burdsall

    I love to have a candle burning. Not just for the smell but it helps me to relax in the evening

  11. Annabel Greaves

    This would be a lovely treat and great to use at Christmas

  12. Sue McCarthy

    I love scented candles, they look so beautiful too.

  13. Pam Smith

    Such a beautiful design and so unusual

  14. Solange

    I’m a big fan of scented candles as they are so relaxing.

  15. Laura banks

    we always have candles in our house and this looks a really indulgent treat

  16. Susan Elai Kelly Carter

    I’d love to win it to gift as a sumptuous Christmas present for my son and daughter-in-laws new home.

  17. Elizm

    Absolutely love candles and these are really original.

  18. Rose Smith

    I would love to win one for my daughter who really deserves it.

  19. Iona Cornish

    My daughter in law loves a scented candle

  20. Kirsty

    Entered with everything crossed

  21. Jayne Townson

    I love lighting a candle in my living room at this time of year as this one sounds amazing, thanks.


    I love candles especially lighting them when i’m in a nice hot bubble bath so this would be great to win

  23. clair downham

    would love to win this to have in my lounge at xmas

  24. Corinne Peat

    I would love to win as this would look gorgeous in my living room. Also I love candles!

  25. Ray Becker

    Like to win for my wife

  26. Tracy Nixon

    I love candles and light them all year round!

  27. Ali Thorpe

    I always have candles lit especially in the colder weather and I love that this is unusual, colourful design.

  28. Sue Cook

    True beauty, I would be thrilled to own such a delightful candle and sincerely treasure it.

  29. Angela treadway

    its a stunning candle and would love to showcase it in my living room x

  30. Jo dawkins

    This is utterly gorgeous! I would gift it (reluctantly lol) to my mil

  31. Joo Dee

    I love nice smelling candles, some you buy are too powerful and we have to put them out

  32. jo liddement

    I really like the ceramic jars that the candles are poured into. I would love to keep all the pens on my desk in the jar once the candle is finished.

  33. James Travis

    Be great for our living room

    • Amy Briscoe

      I’d love to win because never in a million years would I be able to say I had a £140 candle!!

  34. Gillian Hitchen

    Because its sooo lush!

  35. Susan B

    At this time of year I am usually looking for lovely gifts to give to family and friends but, gosh, this candle is so classy and beautiful that I want it myself.

  36. Katie

    I love candles, especially scented ones in the winter. This would make my house smell amazing and feel so cosy!

  37. Margaret Clarkson

    I love nice candles and this one is amazing, it would be lovely in my living room.

  38. Sheena Batey

    I do so love a candle and these are a cut above.Very nice indeed.

  39. Mark R

    Look amazing and would be perfect thank you present for candle loving best friend

  40. Jade P

    We are pretty much obsessed with candles in our house. This is absolutely gorgeous. Always fab when you find a new range of candles to obsess with!

  41. claire woods

    I love candles but the design on this one is just amazing.

  42. pete c

    apart from being a thing of beauty, reviews suggest its a great candle too so I’d love to be the one enjoying it!

  43. Angela Macdonald

    I would love to win as this is simply stunning, and I’m sure it would smell amazing.

  44. Susan Smith

    I love candles, find them relaxing and even better with a beautiful aroma


    Love scented candles.This one is beautiful

  46. Lisa Day

    I’d like to win as they are such beautiful and unique candles.A lot of thought and care has gone into creating them and it shows.As an animal lover these would be lovely for my living room.

  47. Jackie Howell

    it is such a beautiful candle it would give me great pleasure to have in my home

  48. AnnaSSS

    Wow,it looks amazing. I would like to win for myself. xxx

  49. Nikki

    these look really different…. thank you.

  50. Mark Mccaffery

    Such a lovely looking candl, my mother would love it.

  51. holly harmsworth

    I love candles and I don’t have any like this yet so would be great to win.

  52. suzanne drummond

    wow a beautiful candle and would look mazing on my table

  53. Victoria Prince

    I’d love to win because I moved house this year and I’m still trying to make it home – a lovely candle like this would really help

  54. Frances H

    The jungle theme would go really well with my bamboo print curtains.

  55. Kim Neville

    I like the designs on these and would look wonderful in my lounge for everyone to see

  56. Gillian McClelland

    I would love to win as this would look great as a feature on my table

  57. Marie Pomeroy

    A very elegant candle would look amazing in my living room

  58. Sarah McCaffery

    Beautiful candle. It would certainly make for a lovely gift.

  59. lynn neal

    I would never spend this much on an item for myself so it would be lovely to win one!

    • Margaret Mccaffery

      I would love to win this for the bedroom.

  60. Greig spencer


  61. Ruth Harwood

    After a year of heartbreak and mental instability, this would help me relax, get my stuff in order and feel a little more ME again!

  62. Mel Pennie

    Love candles as they just add something special to a room, and this one looks really luxurious!

  63. J Hann

    My daughter loves candles. This would be great for Christmas.

  64. Julie Ward

    We love our candles and this looks lovely

  65. Sheri Darby

    I would love to win this because it is beautiful and my daughter would love it

  66. Allan Fullarton

    My daughter would be over the moon with this.

  67. Chantelle79

    What beautiful candles. I live for candles, what ever room I’m in, there is always a candle lit or several. Somebody is going to be very happy. Good luck everybody. And have a fabulous Christmas

  68. Sophie Roberts

    I’d love to win because the Colour theme goes With that in my bedroom and I love animals!

  69. Gemma Middleton

    I would love to win this as I love candles and this one would be lovely in my kitchen.

  70. Sallyanne Rose

    I do get a lot of power-cuts here in the winter – it would be nice to wait them out in style :)

  71. Karen Usher

    I love candles, Ive actually made my whole family love candles, they are so relaxing and smell wonderful!

  72. A S,Edinburgh

    I’d like to win because I love scented candles and this one looks beautiful.

  73. Rennene Hartland

    It’s just so beautiful, would love to have it in my room

  74. Emma England

    I’d love to win because I’m a huge candle fan. I think that this one is beautiful.

  75. Elizabeth Yeates

    2019 has been dreadful. Perhaps this would help burn away the negative energy! I’ll try anything! If that fails it is very beautiful and would make me smile.

  76. Kirsteen Mackay

    I’d love to win because I love candles and this is the most elegant candle I’ve ever seen. My daughter and I are wild about jungle animals and prints. Stunning!

  77. Fiona Johnstone

    I love candles and this looks so beautiful. It would look perfect in my living room.

  78. Kristyn Harris

    I would love to win as I love candes and this would be a real treat for me!

  79. marc tams

    I love candles!

  80. Charlotte Hoskins

    I always love a candle in my house!! This looks so luxurious, would be a real treat :)

  81. Bridget Johnson

    Great prize fingers crossed this would be great for Chrimbo

  82. Fiona jk42

    I’d love to win this candle because I’d love to display it in my house.

  83. Theresa THomas

    I love candles and this would be perfect to get this for Christmas

  84. Charlene Merrall

    This is gorgeous, It would really go with the tropical vibe in my house as I am a crazy plant lady!

  85. Adrian Bold

    I’d like to win this for my partner who loves candles.

  86. Louise Green

    My Daughter in law loves candles

  87. Jennifer Toal

    I love the jungle theme

  88. Tracy Barber

    I love candles and this one is really unusual and quite beautiful, it would look fabulous in my living room hence why I would like to win it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention

  89. Caroline Hunter

    My house has a lot of green in the decorations so I think this would fit in perfectly!

  90. Rachel Low

    Sooo freaking cool!

  91. Jacki Mactaggart

    Intriguing sounding fragrance in gorgeous container which would brighten up my sitting room. Would love my home smelling of a hint of midnight jungle.

  92. Tee Simpson

    I want to win because I like candles. They look so pretty and smell lovely.


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