Sisal and Seagrass Custom Made Rug

May 30, 2021 | Design Interiors, DIY/Projects, News

Sisal and Seagrass Rug

A few days ago I mentioned that I was going to talk ‘ flooring ‘ here and true to my word I am showing our custom made rug which we are absolutely thrilled with. It’s from Sisal and Seagrass who also make carpets too and are passionate about natural flooring using the aforementioned Sisal, Seagrass, Coir and 100% British wool. All of their products are completely sustainable and work within the Good Weave guidelines.

Ours is made of Sisal and I used the rug creator on the website to choose the size in metres. Quite refreshing to be able to do that so it would fit well without any compromise. There’s plenty of choice though so I saved some in in my favourites on the site until I’d had a really good look at them all.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Romo.

Sisal flooring natural floor healthy seagrass rug

The colour I opted for in the end was ‘Agra Gold’ which as you can see has a herringbone pattern. All the rugs rom their broadloom collection ( woven on a wideloom with no seams ) and then went on to select an outer border which again, a fantastic amount of choice which which is really helpful if you want to match it with a room colour or in my case find something quite subtle. After some deliberation ‘ Camel ‘ was chosen. You can also go for a second border if you want to. A visualiser shows you what it will look like.

The whole process is very slick so you can get it all sorted in a matter of minutes if you want to or spend some time perusing too.

Sisal and Seagrass Rug Flooring NaturalSisal and Seagrass rugs

These are some of the different types that I was sent in sample form and just a few of the many borders. The Sisal  starts from light right through to a deeper bronze.

One of the other benefits is that Seagrass, Coir and Sisal don’t harbour any moths or dustmites because they can’t live in them apparently which is good news  – and it also good for anyone with asthma.

Part of the reason Sisal was also a strong contender for us was because it is hardy and durable –  with a labrador and living in the coutryside it seemed a sensible option. Good for kitchens too by the way if you are ever looking for suitable flooring.

I have a kit here that you can buy from Sisal and Seagrass that keeps it ship shape with shampoo, stain remover, a brush and cloth. You also receive a form with everything you need to know about keeping it looking good. One piece of advice was for to let it relax for a couple of days once unrolled, which we did and also to vacuum regularly.

Sisal and Seagrass Rug

From an aesthetic point of view it is really versatile and if we ever move then I am sure it will fit right in wherever we go.  Although I have used Sisal in designs before, we have never had any here at home although I’ve wanted to for quite some time. I love to layer a space using lots of natural tactile textures and this definitely adds in a positive way.

Sisal and Seagrass Rug

If you want to have a little look at their rugs and carpets then you can find them all here I always think it is important to mention if you have had an especially good experience and we certainly have right up to the rug being delivered with a very friendly and helpful chap. Good service goes a long way don’t you think ?



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