On the road with Coldplay starting with Chicago

Sep 1, 2017 | Lifestyle, Music, News, Travel

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Now that we’ve been back for a good few days and the jet lag has subsided I’ve had a chance to sort through some of my photos of our days on the road Coldplay. We visited Chicago, Cleveland and then over to Toronto in Canada all in the space of a week. I managed to take a lot of images as I’m never without my camera for inspiration so I’ve broken the rip down in to no less than 4 posts !

But, hopefully you’ll find them interesting especially if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like travelling and living on a tour bus or if you fancy seeing Niagara Falls at sunrise. I’m still scraping myself off the ceiling over that view. All to come over the next few weeks. I’ve also written about some cool places to visit in Downtown Toronto the next time you visit.

So, you may wonder why we were on the road, over the pond with Coldplay ? Well, they very kindly organised a family tour bus for their team over the holidays. I mean, this is quite unusual in the music business but highly appreciated. In fact, really kind I thought.

chicago skyline image USA big city lake michigan

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen our shenanigans that kicked off in Chicago, the windy city.

I have always loved the USA but it was the girl’s first time there so you can image the levels of anticipation. High !

silver bean chicago travel USAChicago images navy pier travel inspiration

To wake ourselves up on the first day after a HUGE breakfast at 15th Avenue Diner ( recommend by the way ) passing this colourful wall  en route … and with only a day to soak up the atmosphere in Chicago before the gig and onwards, we popped in to some stores, checked out the ‘ Silver Bean ‘ and then went on a speed boat ride just off the Navy Pier on Lake Michigan. I’m not joking – I couldn’t breathe we were going so fast much to the amusement of the girls. It was pretty funny in hindsight.

boden tour bus kaftan outfit canada stylish

So if you have ever wondered what it’s like to travel on tour  – I can confirm it’s pretty bl**dy amazing. These particular buses are also known as ‘ star buses ‘ as they are usually used by artists for instance Dolly Parton loves to travel this way apparently.

They have a living space with TV’s, well stocked kitchen area and a loo and then a door that leads to bunk bed areas for 4 and a shower room  – and then at the back a main bedroom with wardrobe, ( super comfy ) double bed and another TV. The whole bus is air conditioned really well which was a bonus as all places were very hot. I did make a little video which I will probably pop on to YouTube soon.

Lee our driver was possible one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. We were really lucky.

I got the giggles on the bus because the experience was surreal and the feeling of travelling on an American Highway on a double bed in my PJ’s was pretty immense.

touring trucks USA transport chicago concert coldplay

All in all, I can see why touring is quite addictive. The buzz, the people and the places. Although I have toured with theatre productions in the past – it has always been in the UK so it was kind if realising a dream doing real a road trip.

The first concert in Chicago was fantastic and the girls were totally ready for the next venue.

Another post soon to tell you about Coldplay in Cleveland and show you our early morning stop at Niagara Falls.

Lucy x

Cleo Kaftan, Mayfair Skinny Jeans, Rose Gold Elsie Flats,Sunglasses, Summer Hotchpotch Dress, Holiday Sandals, Denim Shirt Dress cat pumps all c / o Boden.



  1. Kirsty

    This trip was literally my favourite thing in blogging all year long!!!! Can’t wait for the next post!!

    • lucylovesya

      Oh wow. That’s so kind of you, Kirsty xx

  2. Candy Pop

    Such a fascinating post! I loved following your trip and I’m so pleased you’ll be sharing more here. Chicago looked great – I’ve added it to my travel list! x

    • lucylovesya

      Oh you’d love it so much, Natasha. Such a great city xx

  3. Oldfashionedsusie

    Oh this is going to be an incredible series!! So pleased for you and your girls

    • lucylovesya

      Oh thank you! I’m glad you think so xx

  4. Lazy Daisy Jones

    Lucy you are soo rock n roll girl!
    First I have to say that I am incredibly envious (in the best way?) but so pleased for you that you went on such a marvellous trip.
    Secondly i cant wait to read the rest of this series,
    lots of love
    Ashley xxxxxx

    • lucylovesya

      Ashley, thank you! I am so excited about your current adventures too. Can’t wait to see you soon X

  5. Stacey Sheppard

    Wow, how cool are you??? On the road with Coldplay? That’s amazing. I hope you had the best time! Those buses look amazing!

    • lucylovesya

      Thanks Stacey. It was so fun X

  6. Vicki

    fabulous post and photos. also happy to see photos of my old home town!

    • lucylovesya

      Thanks Vicki! Oh I’m glad to hear that :D X

  7. Kathryn

    What an amazing experience for you and your family! How cool and kind are the Coldplay guys? I have visions of you giggling in your PJs on the tourbus – it would be my reaction too! xx

  8. lucylovesya

    They so are, Kathryn! Very generous indeed. I’m glad I’m not the only one .. ha! X


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