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Nov 15, 2021 | Design Interiors, Interviews, News

Thrilled to be at the start of series 3 of my Podcast Live Your Own Way. My first chat is with Architect Zac Monro who you may also know from Channel 4’s Inside Out Homes, now airing on Amazon Prime and a judge and Architect behind on one of the builds on Grand Designs.

We discuss Zac’s early inspirations and what led him to ultimately start his own architect practise, that has been successfully running and growing for over 20 years now.

The job comes with a lot of responsibility considering all the legalities and also dreams of the client so its good to learn how an architect takes it in their stride.

Zac Monro Inside Out Homes Prefab House

Although I have been aware of his work for some time and a huge fan, it was really interesting to watch Zac’s design process on Inside Out and it has no doubt encouraged up a new allegiance of interiors and architecture enthusiasts in the UK and beyond who found the tv show and the focus on connecting the interiors with nature outside as fascinating as I have.

As I mention to Zac in the Podcast, the show really gave me food of thought regarding kit homes such as this beautiful one above featured on the show  – and how you can work with an architect to create your desired place. Are prefab homes the future ? I ask him his predictions on that.

converted flat biophilic glass roof space greenery houseplants inside out homes live your own way

This flat in Hackney was fascinating to discuss. You can also see it on the programme. I think it truly must have changed a lot of perspectives on what can be achieved with a flat to make it light, roomy while utilising every square inch perfectly for the family.

zac monro london architect presenter inside out homes channel 4 amazon prime biophilic space

Of course, a focus on sustainability was an inevitable part of our conversation and it is something that Zac and his team are extremely passionate about. What steps are they taking to support the environment and how has architecture evolved in this way ?

Are clients more in to reusing aspects of their homes was something I ask and his explanation made a lot of sense on how we tend to think as humans when it comes to restructuring.

Brutalism within design is something we cover too. Such a great word to describe the use of materials.

zac monro architect biophilic homes

zac monro architect

To be honest, I could’ve asked questions all day as Zac is so informative about design and the psychology and function behind it all.

You can listen to the episode on the channels below and if you’d like to see more of their incredible designs then pop over to the website here. A huge thank you to Zac for joining me on Live Your Own Way.

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Image Copyright credits: 1. Simon Lee. 2 – 5 Gareth Gardener 6. Zac Monro.



  1. Clare Nijhawan

    Fabulous podcast. So interesting to hear another way to live. Very talented man. It has made me realise how important it is to not charge ahead with projects before employing a good architect.

    • lucylovesya

      Thanks for listening, Clare! Yes most interesting. It is definitely worth the investment.


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