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Laura Jane Clark Your Home Made Perfect

It was a great week for my new Podcast in the Itunes Design Charts with the first episode. Thank you for listening.  For Episode 2, I’ve chatted to the very lovely Laura Jane Clark. She is an Architect and TV Expert on BBC2’s Your Home Made Perfect amongst other shows such as Shed of the Year and Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke.

I learned a huge amount during the interview about renovating do’s and don’ts and how Laura took on an extremely unusual project for her first home after qualifying, which was an unused old underground public lavatory … I know, you’re probably thinking ” What ? ” because that was my reaction initially but after years of back and forth conversations with various London Councils she got the go ahead and turned it in to the most incredible, stunning dwelling.

Toilet renovation in to a beautiful buildingLaura Jane Clark Before Pics Toilets renovation


I’m sharing some images here so you can see the before and after when she talks about it on the Podcast. This is pre renovation.

Underground home renovation


Laura Jane clark lavatory project Renovation underground bathroom luxurious reds golds stylish


Amazing isn’t it ? I love the light streaming in through the ceiling windows.

She also took on a tenament in Glasgow and updated it beautifully – a few images here to use while we discuss it.


Home renovation beautiful stylingHome renovation beautiful colours


Last but not least, Here a few images too below that we talk about, of her current Georgian home.

Before pics of a Georgian Home Renovation Georgian home before pics renovation


Laura Jane Clark Georgian Home Fireplace grey blackGeorgian Home Renovation After pictures deep luxurious colours golds richGeorgian Home Bathroom beautiful colours home pretty golds


But look, I don’t want to share everything now – have a listen to our chat and find out more about her career. There’s some fantastic information about her new website to encourage diversity in her industry Siren Sister  – and a little exclusive too at the end.

You can also have a look at some projects  on her company website Lamp Architects.

Hope you enjoy it and please do subscribe. I’ve got another interesting one next week that I think you will enjoy especially if you love colourful textiles and homeware. Very inspiring.

Images copyright Laura Jane Clark 2020.

Going Green for a Teenager Bedroom

green bedroom book shelves col bedroom

A few weeks ago I promised this post after showing you our newly painted in Mylands Mint Street and so here it is – we are going green for the teenager bedroom too, but a very different shade.

Finding the right colour and balance for a room that is being used for study and socialising you know that thing we used to do … and will again at some point – and also wanting to go for something a bit more grown up to see her through the next few years.

I let Mae decide on the colour and she was quite definite that she wanted a strong one and it ended up being a choice between Primrose Hill and this one Stockwell Green.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Mylands.
Teenager Bedroom vinyl inspiration

It was an excellent choice to be fair. In the morning and evenings, when the sun is rising and going down, it has a coppery warm tone to it and it’s very calming.

I think the teenager phase in a child’s life for finding the right colour is as important as when they are babies, but for different reasons obviously. They spend so much time in their bedrooms – thought it would never happen to us but alas it has ! If they are studying in the room then a balancing hue is pretty vital in my opinion.

Green Bedroom wall teenager bedroom colourful warm inspirationgreen bedroom for teenager

Green is naturally associated with nature, serenity, the feeling of calm, refreshment and harmony. All the things that might be needed for long days and nights studying. I think we had opted for a red or orange then it would have been far too intense and definitely not conducive for good sleep and concentration.

It feels inviting and cosy in the room. Although I rarely get invited in these days… I have to invite myself.

Music Gallery Wall Mylands Stockwell Green Teenager Mylands Paint Stockwell Green

The name Stockwell Green is taken from the site of the original Mylands shop opened in 1884. They call it a mixture of dark Georgian and rich apple green which sums it up perfectly.

Finish wise this is Marble Matt Emulsion which goes on really well. Two coats is completely adequate. It’s a nice creamy texture.

So this is the second time we have used Mylands and they are definitely on my recommend list. Still love Mint Street. I’m very picky about my paints so I don’t say that lightly. Hoping to do another room soon.

Green bedroom teenager bookshelves raninbow mylands

What do you think of the teenager colour make over? Leave us a comment  – also do pop over to my instagram page; there’s lots of inspiration over there too.

My new Podcast Series – Live Your Own Way

Podcast logo graphic design

Hope this weeks is a good one for you. I’m updating briefly because I’ve recorded the first in my new Podcast series called Live Your Own Way. Something that has been on the cards for some time and having a little more time over the last few months at home has encouraged me to start.

Horace Panter Art Japanesing vending machine colourful

Each week, I’m chatting to interesting and inspiring people in the field of design and interiors about their careers, lives and their own homes. Feel really chuffed that guest number one is the lovely Horace Panter, contemporary artist and founder of Two Tone and Ska Band The Specials. I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time after attending one of his Exhibitions in London. His work is right up my street – colourful iconography in style, with a definite music theme running throughout – like his mix tape screen prints, which we have a few of here at home.

He’s had a fascinating career so far, I could’ve asked him a million questions but managed to whittle it down to just quite a few :)

The artwork above is from his Japanese Vending Machines Collection. Some of my favourites, we chatted about his travels and how he chose his colour palette.

American Beach Hut Horace Panter ArtDiner USA colourful Horace Panter art

Horace also creates Cassette Tape pieces. We have some here at home – If you like me, grew up in the era of recording ‘ off ‘ the radio and making up mix tapes then you’ll enjoy the selection of songs he selected as his ultimate 30 minute play list.

If you’d like to have a listen to Horace and I having a chat then here’s the link above.
I hope you enjoy it and if you do – subscribe for more by clicking on my apple podcast link in the right hand column. Next week is another really interesting one too.

Also I must add that my clever tech husband who does this kinda thing for a living usually in music, produced the Podcast. Thanks Andy :)

Really want to say a HUGE thank you to Karina Mansfield who produced the cover for my Podcast (at the top ). Karina is another artist that I love  – and she kindly offered to create the artwork for me. Please check her website out. She does the most brilliant bespoke commissions of people and of pets. She also has a lovely vivid instagram page full of cool pictures. Do have a look !

Trying out Mylands for a bedroom makeover

Mylands Mint Street Gallery Wall Plates new paint

I suppose everyone has their own way of getting on in a bit of a weird time and mine is decorating like crazy. As you know if you read regularly that I am a teal fanatic but I wanted to break this up a little, but with a colour that compliments that and doesn’t look totally out of place. Just recently I received some emails about Mylands who I know of very well but hadn’t ever used their paint before, which, one, made me want to correct that immediately as I love trying out different brands and two, love how they name their colours after areas of London aptly as they have been established in the city since 1884 – it makes me feel quite nostalgic for the place I know so well and am missing visiting at the moment. Then there’s also the fact that they have been at the heart of the British film and Television industry from the start of moving pictures. Having worked in the field for many years myself and knowing the quality of products used by productions it was definitely a good opportunity to use some in a few projects. The first of which I’m showing today.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Mylands.
green painted bedroom with plants and gallery wall plates interior design new

This is our guest room which was originally one of the girls’ bedrooms. It made more sense to repurpose it as it’s smaller of the two and wouldn’t be used as much – or not at all at the moment for obvious reasons –  but I like to sit in hear to work sometimes and look out at nature doing it’s thing. The perfect colour to make it feel peaceful with a little nod to all that nature outside was green. Mint Street by Mylands to be exact after much deliberation. Named after a road in SE1 where coin making took place in Medieval times. There’s a lot of history to the name actually which I’ve enjoyed reading recently. Feel like I’ve learned something new just by changing the colour of the room.

Painted green bedroom door interior design inspiration Green painted bedroom with decorative blind interiors inspiration

There’s always the temptation with a light green to just add other greens or maybe a hint of yellow. But being maxi colour lover it’s not in my DNA so I just went for colours to make it feel warm and friendly for visitors.

We used their Wood and Metal paint  on the inside of the door and the radiator. Very nice stuff that goes on well with great coverage. It’s always nice when you get a good result and can add a new brand to your recommendations.

Green bedroom colourful stylish relaxing space interiors mylands

This side of the house doesn’t get as much of the sun so it is a cooler room and I think it works really well. It’s happy and has a slight hint of light blue in it. It brings out the more saturated hues in the furniture and my beloved dog plates. Before we just had one wall painted but I feel that often painting the whole room brings everything together and adds more character. Not against feature walls though as they can look fantastic too.

Quite pleased too as I took these pictures with my phone camera and they turned out really well. Sometimes I think it’s easier to use it as it does all the hard work for you so you can just get on with everything else needed as a one person band !

I will share my daughter’s newly painted bedroom soon – also green but very different. She loves it.

In the meantime – just to let you know that my new Podcast ‘Live your own Way’ is starting soon and I have some really interesting guests, we will be discussing interiors, life and inspiration. More on that shortly. Keep an eye on my instagram too for that.

Have a good one x

Why we chose our living room colours

Eden Broadwick Sofa Workshop Teal Cheetah Animal Print

Spending much more time at home currently means I am enjoying and taking in much more of what we have directly around us. It certainly makes you appreciate what you have and where you are. When we changed things around in the living room a while ago I shared it with you, but I thought I might go a little more in depth as to why we chose the colours – especially the main one. I did of course make a mood board at the time as it makes life so much easier and decisions quicker. In fact it can completely change and alter your outcome.

I would say my personal taste is eclectic and colourful but with strong leanings towards teals and mid century.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Sofa Workshop.
teal sofa in living room with grey walls and gold rug

Teal makes me happy it’s vert definite and offers balance in a room. It’s also a very restful colour that works with so many other hues. Which, if you’re using it for a sofa makes sense ? If we decided to change the wall colours ( yup, it’s on the agenda ) then you could consider light pinks, certain softer blues or actually even darker blues, shades of green and golds. It obviously also works nicely with a pure white, neutrals and all greys. An incredibly versatile choice and one that I’m glad we made. It’s much easier to change the walls than it is than change your furniture.

I worked with Sofa Workshop on this particular project with a review and went for the Eden which comes in various sizes

It takes quite a lot of time to find your own personal colour palette but once you do, I don’t think it ever veers to far. I always say to people that the most important thing is that you love your choices and that no trend or influence should dominate.

Teal yellow bluebellgray sofa living room

We really do love a bit of 50s/60s era here and the Eden also lends itself well on that point. There was a choice of various sizes from a four seater sofa all the way down to a foot stool. We are avid Netflix fans and spend a lot of time plonked here so something comfy and large was a big factor. Let me tell you, the last 6 or so weeks have been greatly bolstered by this space.

It is much higher seating than our last sofa, which we also loved a lot  – and also from Sofa Workshop … we are long term fans. This has made it a bit more suitable for older family. There really is so much to consider isn’t there ?

As you can see I have thrown many different colours with the teal and it just seems to make it more vivid and lovely which is great. Friends often think the fabric is velvet because it’s so soft but it’s actually not. I did consider it but as it’s the most used sofa I went for something else. There are literally hundreds ( actually probably thousands )  of patterns and plains with different feels to choose from. So a really suitable one for a busy family with pets stood out.

Sofa Workshop Colours Inspiration

I haven’t even got round to the Broadwick yet. Again teal, but with a cut velvet and metallic sheen. The aim was to add some animal print but I felt with the distinctive rug that it might end up being too much in browns and golds ! So a great compromise was this Matthew Williamson Cheetah Print find. I was half expecting Sofa Workshop to say they couldn’t use it but they came back with an immediate yes. Nothing too much trouble.

Layering a room with various textures and textiles not only makes it more interesting, it also can make it feel more lived and comfy. Which is what you want usually for a living room.

Teal Sofa Matthew Williamson Cheetah Print pattern contrast velvet

It’s a bit of a nostalgic reason that I chose the Broadwick. The vintage and classic style shape and bolster cushions really reminded me of my amazing Grandma. She loved this type of design and so therefore it felt really right to have it. I hope we can keep this one in the family and that the girls will remember it fondly or even have it themselves when they’re grown up.

Teal Sofa Workshop living room inspiration colours bright fun Sofa Workshop Broadwixk Cheetah Print Matthew Williamson

It is a seat for two as putting in another longer sofa would’ve been too cumbersome. We can easily walk around it to put on some vinyl It’s nice to recline in to and I do love a snooze in it every now and then. Of course, quite often it ends up with piles of dry washing on, but hey, isn’t it the same in every home ? Sandy unfortunately for him, isn’t allowed on here but he has own one so fair’s fair.

teal blue sofa living room colour inspiration for the home

When I studied colour psychology I worked out that I am a ‘ Spring type ‘ because I do tend to opt for lighter shades although you could also say an ‘Autumn type ‘ as there are definitely sentimental touches too. That is probably a post for another time to share with you.

I’d love to know your favourite colour and style ? Is it something that you’ve down in to or have always loved ? It’s fascinating as an interior designer to hear what makes people tick in their living spaces.

While I have you her reading, I just also want to say the most massive thank you to Sofa Workshop for joining forces with Design Havens for Heroes with whom I am also supporting and working with as an Ambassador and Interior Designer. We will be making over NHS staffs’ homes who have been working on the frontline over the last and coming few months. Sofa Workshop jumped at the opportunity at helping us out and we are all very grateful.