My home made 50s wedding dress…

Wedding 2As I may have mentioned *ahem*.. a few moths ago, Andy and I got married.

I’m not sure what possessed me at the time to want to make my own dress in only a few months, but I’m glad I did. It was a really great experience and I learnt so much about dressmaking.

I was lucky to have some help from Sarah Belinda who knows loads about wedding dresses – it was invaluable, let me tell you !

My hair flower was from Rose Garden Accessories and the heels –  Rachel Simpson.

Our wedding photographer was Laura Babb she was really great to have around. Have a peek at her site..

Wedding1Of course there was the little issue of needing to make three little bridesmaid dresses too….

One night whilst sitting at my sewing machine, literally covered in silk dupion threads I did question my sanity…. but got there in the end !

Andy wore a Paul Smith suit – he looked very handsome and rather retro :)

Wedding 6We got married at The Theatre Royal Bury in St Edmunds and it was an amazing day. The crew were so helpful. We chose this venue partly because it felt right as both of us come from an entertainment background *jazz hands* although it was quite low key and easy going really.

The wedding was inspired by the 50s, my love of kitsch and of course the theatre itself… Dahhhling :)

Our light up letters hired from the super lovely company Vowed and Amazed..

The main thing for us was that everyone felt at ease and that we avoided doing anything that was alien to us. It’s sometimes hard when you’re in the thick of it but it’s important to be yourselves… in my opinion.

Weddign 3How clever is my friend Juliet ? The cake she made for us was just so amazing. The stage looked really effective once the curtains were back with the pom poms and disco balls hovering above us all whilst we ate curry and then some theatre ice creams…. :)Miserable Man sang at the ceremony and he was brilliant. So chilled. I really recommend our band later in the evening too – Ready Steady Go.

Wedding7Hope you like these pics ? :)

If you’re thinking of making your own dress and want some tips – get in touch..

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 All Photography Copyright Laura Babb 2012.


Helen Spencer

Your dress is beautiful! Clever thing, you. It looks like an amazing wedding day, one memory to treasure always. Long may happiness reign.

Heather Hough

Your dress is amazing, I wish I had the skills to make a dress that stunning. Unfortunately my mum and auntie ended up making my bridesmaid dresses last year as I struggled to even sew a straight line so WELL DONE!

And once again absolutely stunning! Hope you treasure the memories from your wedding day for a long time!!!!


Thanks Heather! How lovely to have your Mum and Aunty involved in it all too. Your Secret Bride Folksy store looks rather wonderful… Clever you! :) x


Wow Lucy! Had to have a sneaky peek at your blog and am so impressed with your wedding dress – absolutely beautiful and excellent choice with the lace!!! Well done and congrats on becoming a Mrs! x


Thanks for your lovely comments :) It means a lot. I was happy with the lace too xx

Hilly Beavan

The whole day looks lovely, very personal which is exactly as a wedding should be! And what a beautiful dress – how very special to have made it yourself. My goddaughter is a wedding dress designer/maker by profession and for her own she designed a lovely gold and green frock, quite theatrical as that’s her original training. She even went on a shoe making course so she could create her own shoes! (However, I have to say that me, her mum and several bridesmaids were sewing hems/embroidering flowers/eyeletting about 12 hours before she walked up the aisle!)
Happy anniversary!


Thanks Hilly! I can just imagine the scene… the joys of doing it all yourself (I was sewing and steaming minutes before!) – sounds like a fab wedding, the fact that she created her own shoes, now that’s AMAZING! xx


Aww Lucy! Happy Anniversary !! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous wedding photos, beautiful insight of your very special day!! Every photo memory looking WOW!! We’ll done you and putting together some fab personal touches, love it!! Sandie x


Lucy this all looks so lovely. Your dress is beautiful and everything looks wonderful. I enjoyed seeing these pictures :) The dress looks just perfect on you.


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