Five good reasons for using Stripes in your Home

Mar 24, 2021 | Design Interiors, DIY/Projects, News

striped door curtains

I have written a post here with five good reasons for using stripes in your home … and also a few do’s and don’ts.

It feels like I have been working with textiles most of my adult life in one way or another and I still absolutely love them. Even more now if that’s possible. It’s second nature making things and it was certainly a great basis for when adding interior design to my repertoire.

I received some beautiful Romo Ashley Multi fabric to make these new door curtains and roman blind for the living room. I wanted some extra impact as the previous ones were a plain fabric and I love me a bold print ! So, I took off the backs of the old curtains and blinds and reused them with the new fabric. One, to avoid waste and two, it saves time making some backings if the old ones are perfectly fine – you just have to reattach and restitch.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on stripes are useful as well as wonderful …

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Romo.

romo striped curtains wooden sideboard

They are classic and won’t date. A timeless backdrop.  You could change your scheme over the years and keep the stripes, no problem. Especially if you pick out one with a plethora of colours. In the Interiors world they are always ‘ on trend ‘ in one way or another – you really can’t go wrong. Stripes are your reliable friend when it comes to decorating.

striped curtains with brass pole

Stripes can make a great statement if you want to make an impression in the room but are not keen on adding lots of pattern or colour elsewhere. Just having a blind for instance and the rest of the room being block colour does the trick. Okay, maybe a few cushions with a bit of oomph but that blind will really add some impact.

Romo striped roman blinds

It is a brilliant print to sew with, if you are making them yourself. I find it takes less time as you have your cutting guide right there. Once you’ve measured up you can just cut along the lines. Anyone who sews will know that makes a big difference. It means that they will be lovely and neat as a result. This Romo fabric is really tactile and the quality is lovely too. A dream to work with. I have a little left which I’ll make in to some cushions for another room.

striped curtains romo door

vinyl record stevie wonder door curtains

To heighten or lengthen a room – add stripes. Horizontal to make the room feel taller and vertical to elongate the space. This applies with textiles or wallpaper although it is harder to find either of these going vertical but that doesn’t mean you can play around with this anyway. You could always paint the stripes on the wall if you have a steady hand ?! I recommend looking at the size of the room and choosing stripes accordingly. Bigger room – larger stripes etc.

blue sofa workshop seat romo striped door curtains

Patterns and stripes also can work together really well to create a playful scheme and this can be used anywhere. It doesn’t have to be either or. My tips for this is pick out elements of colour from the stripe and find a pattern with it in too. Don’t try and go full impact on both though. They will end up fighting each other for attention. Not good for the eyes and won’t encourage a feeling of relaxation in your room.

Here I have both but also a solid wall colour. The balance works and doesn’t overwhelm us.

So, what do you think of the Romo Ashley Multi Stripe ?

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  1. Rebecca

    Love this! What’s the paint colour please?

    • lucylovesya

      Hello it is Paint and Paper Library – Squid Ink.

    • Barb Siegel

      I love the wood cabinet next to the curtains. What are they refinished with? Thanks!

      • lucylovesya

        Thanks. It came in this finish so can’t help you there. But is seems like a mid oak one. x


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