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Eyecandy Kitsch Artist Lisa Ashcroft

funfair artist lisa ashcroft colour inspiration Another great website called EyeCandy by freelance artist Lisa Ashcroft to add to the kitsch mix. Just recently I’ve been sharing quite a  few with you. Paintings that you can study for hours are my favourite.

I am a fan of this artist Lisa Ashcroft. She was born and studied in the UK but now lives in Australia. Do you ever get that tummy flip when you see a painting with all the colours that you love ? Her work does that to me.

Absolutely not shy of mixing hues, Lisa uses a works with a mixed medium when it comes to creating so also makes hand crafted silver jewellery and ceramics. She also repurposes objects within her creations and –  rubbish to ensure it’s used again and ultimately supports our environment.

lisa ashcroft artist tattoo colours inspiration gallery wall

Lisa Ashcroft uses textiles and lots of hand stitching so it’s a blend of textures and wow, the colours are gorgeously bright and intense. Inspired by her own tattoo work and kitsch street art along with memorabilia, cartoons, morality and human condition. I wonder if her past work as a nurse is also part of what inspires her ?

What do you think of her work ?

You can find lots of colour inspiration over on my Pinterest.