15 Ideas for Making your Own Indoor Festival

Jul 7, 2017 | Design Interiors, News, Outdoors

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If you’re choosing this year to enjoy the outdoor music season at home I have a little festi – colour inspiration post for you today with 15 Ideas for Making your own Indoor Festival..

Ironically although my husband works in music I am not often tempted to attend the festivals. Call me a little bit OCD if you like but the thought of relying on wet wipes to stay clean for a whole 4 days is not for me ! So instead I prefer to enjoy the highlights relaxing on the sofa. No doubt in years to come when the girls are a little older we will be donning the wellies and getting muddy with everyone else.

But in the meantime it doesn’t mean though that we don’t do the ‘festi feels’ and you can have some real fun doing up your living room or garden for the weekend or whole Summer. I’ve picked out some colourful items to make a house feel ready.

Think eclectic .. mixing it all up. Bold, brights and bohemian.

The Cacoon is great for inside and out the home. Although not an impulse buy kind of item – it would be a fabulous addition to the home. I love the orange colour but they do come in quite a few other shades.

Chocolate pizza or a fondue while on the sofa watching your favourite bands on tv. Yes please thank you.

Over the Summer holiday the girls and I will be making something inspired by this that we can’t wait to show you ..

What do you think of my picks ? Fancy a festival this weekend ?

  1. Cacoon – Cacoon World 2. Chocolate Pizza  – Gournet Pizza Company 3. Bunting – Selfridges 4. Colourful tea light holders – Dotcomgiftshop 5. Heart Cushion – Sweetpea & Willow 6. Gold trunk table  – Graham and Green 7. Fondue Set – John Lewis 8. Dream Catcher – Meri Meri 9. Aztec Yellow Rug – John Lewis 10. Pom Pom bag – Bohemia Design 11. Festival Candle – Bath and Unwind 12. Stackable Glasses – John Lewis 13. Drink Dispenser – Clas Ohlsen 14. Cushion – Maison Du Monde 15. Cacti String Lights – Amara

Lucy x



  1. Kathryn

    Love this idea! We haven’t been to Glasto for 10 years now (since having kids basically) and I still miss it! But I love the idea of creating a mini festival atmosphere in your own home. We put our fairy lights up in the lounge while we watched Glastonbury on the TV this year and one year we all put our wellies on and did fancy dress – all from the comfort of our own sofa :)

    • lucylovesya

      It’s certainly a much easier way to enjoy Glasto! Glad you love this idea and big thumbs up to the fairy lights X

  2. Kirsty

    This is soooo cute and I love the coloured glasses!!

    • lucylovesya

      They’re cool aren’t they! Pretty reasonable too X

  3. Lazy Daisy Jones

    Hi Lucy loving your boho vibe! especially the cushion from Maison du monde

    • lucylovesya

      Ha thanks! I’m all out the boho at the moment :D xx

    • lucylovesya

      It’s cool isn’t it? Lush colours. X

  4. Candy Pop

    So many cool and cheerful ideas! x

  5. Fritha Strickland

    I love the Pom Pom bags so much, I’m a sucker for pom-poms on anything!! X


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