When the Inspiration dries up …

In any line of creativity be it writing, making, drawing – it’s amazing when you feel inspired and if you’re anything like me – it’s a bit like being on a high when I have lots of idea’s and I just can’t make things fast enough. I can see inspiration in shapes, colours – even in music.

Then when I try and force it, it’s like a big frustrating ” block “. To give you an example – it has always been my aim / dream to write a book. I know the storyline, characters – and have written the synopsis. But .. when I go to write more – there’s a blank. It’s a slow process, but I know that I will get there if I stick at it ! 

So what happens when you need inspiration, but can’t find any ?

 Some of these things might help if you ever feel like this too:

Keep writing notes on your ultimate goal and also on any new ideas.

Pinterest is an obvious one – but it is truly brilliant, in my opinion.

Reading up on people who inspire you. Doesn’t matter whether they create the same kind of things as you. It will still be fascinating to know what makes them tick and might reignite your fire. :)

Try making something different to your usual. For instance – I make things out of fabric usually, but I have had a go at making cards and jewellery recently and it was fun and a nice change.

I go for a run. It helps clear my mind.

The main thing is to relax about it – the inspiration will return much more quickly if you do. Sometimes you just need a little break !

Do you have any tips ? Leave a comment under this post, it’s be lovely to hear them.

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