What to make ?

On Monday I mentioned that I had tidied up my fabric cupboard. Well, let’s just ignore the bottom shelf.

As well as it being quite therapeutic, it was good to find some fabrics that had disappeared under the radar and now rediscovered, I’m wondering what to make with them … or whether to just hoard them, like the mad fabric stashing lady that I am.

This Liberty London fabric is a cotton lawn and I don’t know if I can bear to cut into it. I’ve got 2 colour ways and originally bought them to make some dresses for my daughters. They aren’t really into Hello Kitty anymore ( can’t see Liberty London doing a Moshi Monster print anytime soon, but you never know :) ). There’s enough for grown up dresses so maybe that’s what they will be.

I reckon this tape measure fabric needs to be a skirt. I’ll cut a pattern for it and rustle that up at some point. But it does look pretty in the cupboard. Hmmm !

This fabric bundle has been in the stash for a few years and I still have every intention of making a quilt out of the fat quarters. I’d also like to make some patchwork roman blinds some time. We’ll see.

When I was in New York last year, I found this silk leopard print fabric that’s 150cm wide. It needs a bit of a press. I think it would make a really cool contemporary kimono. What do you think ?

The bird print was from Brighton, and it should probably be made into something for my Etsy shop. A travel bag ?

There are so many amazing new prints out there too at the moment – trying to keep the blinkers on and not get too carried away at the moment because the new brand is ever on my mind – never knew that a business plan would take so long but obviously it is all worth it …. probably should get in with it, really … nothing like a bit of blogging procrastination. :)

What are you up to this week ? Oh, and don’t forget the 2 goodies giveaway. It ends on Friday.

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Petit Mom

Oh my! I want to make more dresses for my baby girl ready for summer but haven’t sorted fabric or sewing station yet. Love all your fabrics but Hello Kitty is the BEST!


I’m sure it will all happen very quickly once you get going! :) A lovely incentive for making dresses xx


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