I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore ….

This week has been all about my Daughters 5th Birthday party. The theme, chosen by her is Wizard of Oz. It was meant to be today but she is poorly. :( However, it’s all okay because we are still holding it on Sunday instead which makes her happy.

Aside from her not feeling tip top today, we have really enjoyed organising the party because it means we got to make some goodies and watch the Wizard of Oz for inspiration ! Betsey has been obsessed with the film for ages and loves it more than anything modern day that we’ve ever seen at the cinema.

As you can see, I have made necklaces with their own pouches for the party bags and have tried as much as I can to stick to the topic. Luckily, we have some lovely friends at the Theatre where we got married who have supplied us with something yellow for the floor. It has been surprisingly difficult to find Wizard of Oz type things in the UK. I wonder why ? It’s such a popular film !

Next week, I will post some pics of the party and food etc –  in the meantime; if you have any more last minute ideas then please do leave a comment under this post. I would love to hear them. :)

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sarah belinda

How about a wizards palace in green jelly and gingham pinafore and red shoes
for the birthday girl? hope you all have a lovely time sunday


Don’t want to give too much away, Sarah but think the cake has the Palace on it.. Just about to collect it. The dress though …. at least now have more time so may well make a couple as don’t think they will take too long. Thanks x


Wizard of Oz party games:
Pin the tail on the cowardly lion
Musical scarecrows instead of musical Statues
Hope Betsey has a great day x


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