We made Sushi Rolls

IMG_0041One of my New Year Resolutions is to become a better cook. We are pescetarians in this household but rarely eat fish. I do think it’s a challenge to make food tasty sometimes – especially if you’re not a natural chef ! :)

I do try hard to be a domestic goddess but it’s a standing joke in my family that I tend to get distracted when in the kitchen so think documenting my progress ( ! ) on my blog will definitely help improve my culinary skills and confidence in cooking with it. :) I do however make some mean puddings ( if I do say so myself ) and will add some of my recipes in-between other updates !

So, as lovers of all things Japanese, I thought I would make this GoodFood tofu noodle dish and add some extra yummy bits to it. The tofu fell apart but it still tasted amazing.

Read on to see how we made the rolls. The girls were so excited to make their own.

We used:

Bamboo sushi mat

250g Sushi Rice

3 sheets of Nori ( edible seaweed )

1 red pepper, 1/2 large cucumber, 1 small avocado

Umeboshi paste ( although mayonnaise is an alternative if you don’t like )

Japanese Rice Vinegar

Wasabi paste and soy sauce ( for dipping )

Having followed the rice cooking instructions, we then let it cool for 10 minutes. I added a few splashes of the rice vinegar and then mixed it in without mushing the rice too much. We then laid the mat down flat and placed the Nori sheet on top of it, shiny side down. I took a third of the rice and spread it over the sheet, patting to down but not too hard so as not to split the nori sheet – and leaving 1cm at the top ( furthest from you ).

We hollowed out along the middle and then spread a bit of the Umeboshi paste along the middle. Then we placed our avocado, red pepper and cucumber all along the centre. IMG_00441

Next we started rolling the mat from the nearest edge, towards and over the filling. It has to be done quite firmly but not squashing the contents. Once all rolled up, we checked the furthest end had attached properly and gave one last bit of pressure on the roll to make sure it was all held together firmly.

Then, once removed from the mat,  with a sharp knife I carefully cut it into about 8 pieces.

We got 24 out of this altogether. You could add tuna or anything you fancy, really. IMG_00472

I also made some Miso soup and added tofu to this, watercress and spring onion finely chopped.

Any tips greatly appreciated on what I can add in the future to these dishes or fire away if you have any questions … Please leave your comments under this post and I will get back as soon as poss. 

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