What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations ?

Alice in Wonderland!

When it comes to taking the girls to see Disney films  – it’s always hard to decide who is the most looking forward to it but when you’re talking anything to do with Alice in Wonderland – It’s me … we all need a bit of escapism sometimes !

I won’t spoil it for those of you who are still planning on seeing it soon but it’s really good for sure. A good mix of the original story and also the extra mind expanding ideas by the visionary producer including Tim Burton and the director – James Bobin. The acting as you would expect is so very good. I especially love Helena Bonham Carter’s version of The Queen of Hearts.

What I love about the story, is that it makes you question reality whether you’re a child or a grown up kid and whether you should take anything in this crazy life too seriously.

On the back of seeing it, I was inspired to pick out some pretty things for the home that remind me of Alice in Wonderland and are way too darling not to share here on my blog. Any excuse, of course.

1. Obviously, first you need the book, right ? The old style print on these give them that ‘ collectable ‘ feeling. Found at John Lewis. 2. When I think of Alice in Wonderland, I imagine the little Door Mouse propped up on a cute little toadstool. If you like this – it’s from Dotcomgiftshop. 3. I’m a total fan of Mrs Moore and her bone china Alice themed tea sets. Liberty London stock them – one of my favourite characters on this one – Cheshire Cat. 4. This cupcake kit isn’t glitter shy with lots of red hearts much like the Queen. – from Planet Bake. 5. So, you have 2 in 1 here – a rabbit ( or hare )  and an egg ( the scene with the egg in the film made us all laugh )  – lots of colourful egg cups at Quail Ceramics. 6. It just wouldn’t be cricket ( or croquet ) without flamingoes. My girls collect snowglobes – this one is so cool and from the lovely White Mint online shop. 7. How do you like this glass cake stand ? A centre piece for a tea party … by LSA International. 8. Polka dot napkins – pop them on your lap or wear in your top pocket like the Mad Hatter. Love the shade of yellow. By Not on the Highstreet. 9. A strawberry doorknob also by Not on The Highstreet. I don’t think this one talks though … 10. Some macarons to pop on the the cake stand. Yes please ! These can be ordered and delivered to you by Genuine Cakes.

Alice in Wonderland 2!

This might seem like an eclectic collection of items… but we are talking Alice in Wonderland here. The more mixed up the better !

1. Time is of the essence in Through The Looking Glass. I thought Sacha Baron Cohen was excellent as ‘ Time ‘ in the film. He literally has great timing. Inspired by this, I chose a retro style wall clock by Newgate Clocks in a pastel green. Like it ? 2. Yep, I couldn’t resist this teapot by Wedgwood. It’s so apt for the Wonderland theme and the design of the teapot sitting on top of the teacup. Now knowing the work that goes in to each piece, after my visit to their factory last week – I can’t appreciate this enough. Amara stock it on their website. 3. Some ‘ Soldier ‘  playing cards by Robert Frederick at Selfridges. 4. Absolutely in love with this Alice in Wonderland Birchwood tray from Liberty London – the colours, the illustration – everything ! Do you like it too ? 5. Had to share this London Skyline Chessboard Set which is at Regency Chess. It’s really cool but also very reminiscent of the story. Really enjoyed how they worked this in, in the latest film – especially in our 3D glasses. 6. A vintage style mirror – need I say more ? An Ikea number.. 7. Some dessert forks that I reckon would go very well with the teapot shown earlier, also from Wedgwood – perfect for a quirky garden party.. 8. Could this be the golden key that fits the tiny door ? What a sweet mug. It is by Gary Birks and sold by Amara. 9. I think I have written about KoKo Kids before – they stock lots of cool, unique stuff – this post wouldn’t be complete without butterflies. The lampshade is paper and handmade. 10. There was a very pretty scene in the film this weekend, with lots of blossom everywhere. If and when you see it – you will know what I mean. Made me want to get some cherry blossom plants for our garden as there’s nothing better in Spring than when the branches turn pink. Check out Trees Direct.

Hope you like my little selection of finds. I also hope you enjoy the film too… let me know if you do see it. Leave me a comment under this post or tweet me @lucylovesyablog. I also have a dedicated Alice in Wonderland board on Pinterest .. now that’s dedication ! Pop over and have a look if you fancy.

Have a fab day.

Lucy x

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