Three is the Magic Number

Lucy and Andy Musical Theater Wedding093Todays is Andy and my 3rd Wedding Anniversary. It’s a real cliche to say but times does fly. It’ll be 10 years next week since we first me too. So much has happened in the last decade – births, loved ones passing, work, life changes, ups, a few downs …

I shared some photos back when we had just got wed but thought today I would post just a few more. The longer away the wedding feels, the more I enjoy the memories. If I’m honest, I felt quite overwhelmed on the day –  not the most relaxing when two of your bridesmaids are 2 and 5 and are so excited that they’re pinging off the walls all day beforehand, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way because they still remember every little detail.

It’s nice to see the wedding dress again – fond memories of making it with my friend Sarah Belinda.

Lucy and Andy Musical Theater Wedding132Lucy and Andy Musical Theater Wedding146Lucy and Andy Musical Theater Wedding159Lucy and Andy Musical Theater Wedding024

Hope you have enjoyed the images from our theatre wedding. They were all taken on the day by Laura Babb. She’s ace.

Have a nice day.

Lucy x

All images copyright Laura Babb.



Happy Anniversary! Has it really been 3 years? It was a beautiful day, everything about the wedding was perfect and very “you and Andy.” I think it was all the little homemade touches and extra detail that made your personalities shine through. x


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