Tartan Mod Dress

Retro Tartan Dress Well, here’s the dress I mentioned last week. It isn’t polka dot … it as you can see, it is tartan.

It’s an incredibly simple dress pattern By New Look – number 6145. I am not one for fuss when it comes to frocks, I prefer dean lines and funky fabrics.

The fabric is ” double cotton ” which in hindsight, I might’ve thought twice about as it’s not as pliable as I normally like. Guessing that with a few washes it will be softer. On the plus side, it does have a different colour lining so I overlocked it with red to jazz it up a bit in there. I do love the colours in the plaid and the fact that as ever, with a home made dress, it will always be unique.

I may even actually sport this dress for you later in the week. I am working away in my sewing studio today and it’s a little rainy outside today ..

My Birthday is next Monday and I have ordered this genuine 60s sewing pattern which is similar but no doubt will have very little markings or instructions … perversely, I quite enjoy the challenge. I am looking for a teal colour fabric at the moment to use with it. Teal is one of those colours that seems to suit everyone. So, how can I go wrong … ?

Retro Dress Pattern

The checked blinds that I also told you about last week are coming along and the chairs are waiting to be painted. The upholstery fabric is probably going to be this Cath Kidston one. Apart from my daughter’s rooms, I wouldn’t normally choose one of her fabrics as you tend to see them all over the place but I do really like the ” kitcshness ” of the mushrooms. :)

Hope you are having a good start to the week … are you looking forward to Valentines Day ?

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