Sweet and Spooky Halloween Party Inspiration

Party Halloween

Halloween is but a few sleeps away. We’ve got a couple of things lined up to do … a spooky trail with family and also a party this weekend. I have to admit, I have never taken my daughters trick or treating but we do love to celebrate it in our own way.

I was thinking of some easy to ways to dress a kids table for the 31st that is fun, colour co – ordinated and just a little bit creepy. So we tried out this as a Pre – Halloween celebration … funnily enough, they didn’t complain. :)

To start with I cut up some felt for the mats which can be used at the end of the party, as you will see in a minute. We sprinkled the table with some themed sequins and threw in some bats for good measure. ( A big thank you to Candle and Cake Party Store for sending them over so quickly ).


A very easy thing which made my daughters laugh was putting some dracula joke teeth in to some ring doughnuts to make some monster faces. They can keep them afterwards so always a winner.


We painted some mini pumpkins …

Pumpkins & Bats-1

…and then sprinkled them with glitter aka witch dust. Acrylic is the best kind of paint as it applies well and dries quickly. These should keep for quite a while, hopefully until the big day.


It was impossible to stop at just 4, we got a bit carried away – it was so much fun and added to the collection with a few more. A girl can never have enough pumpkins !

Hallow Party Bags Ribbon

and then after all the food and juice is finished, you can take the felt and wrap up the sweets for home time in it, with some ribbon – attach a spider with some thread  as a home time treat.

Hallow Party Bags

Voila !

What are you up to for Halloween ? Do leave me a comment under this post or just say hi if you fancy .. Would love to hear from you.

Lucy x



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