Stocking Fillers part 2 – quirky gifts for young and old ( er ! )


                 Here a few things i found whilst snooping around the internet. Some great stocking fillers I think. The Moshi Moshi handset that plugs into all mobile phones with the appropriate adaptor and apparetnly dramatically reduces the radiation from your phone. I found on – there is a slightly more expensive bling version too in gold. What an awesome present!

The cute Russian Doll mug, the book rest lamp ( how cool  !? ) and little gnome candles are from and they come as garden flares too.

The sewing girls kit, Space race Pinball and the Kids star Gazer kit are all from – I am defo ordering some of these for the kiddies.

Being a chocaholic ( currently trying hard not to be due to upcoming wedding ) I found this chocolate pizza made by the Gourmet and it comes in loads of different flavours …. YUM YUM YUM!

This kitsch cute, Snow Baby snow globe is from the brilliant and they have dozens of great items but I really love this cookie tin.

I could go and on but I have a wedding to attend to and judging by the fact I nearly washed my face with toothpaste this morning due to being pre-occupied – must focus, focus, focus….. :)