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IMG_1369My Daughter was adamant that she wanted a sewing machine for her 7th Birthday recently. We ummed and arred about it. Quite an expensive present if it’s not going to end up being used much.

But I’m glad to say that she was over the moon – especially with the colour of it ! Up until last week she has practised on some remnant pieces, just sewing straight lines and getting to know it ( we all know that your sewing machine becomes your best buddy ! ) IMG_1375

This weekend though she actually made this skirt. With some of my help obviously with overlocking, pressing and threading and we gathered it together. I tried steering her towards some floral prints in the shop but once she’d caught a glimpse of the leopard print – no other stood a chance ! We didn’t use a pattern as I wanted to learn how to make something that would fit perfectly straight away, to give her the confidence to try altering something next time.

The skirt is essentially like my gathered skirt tutorial one from a while ago. Except we cut two squares for the back and we inserted the zip in the centre top rather than at the side.


She wanted to embellish it a little so we used a Jennie Maizels Swallow Fabric Plaster from our stash and I think she chose well. IMG_1374

I’m so glad we bought her the sewing machine. It’s a really nice thing that we can do together and have a bit of fun. She is really interested in the techniques ( except when Scooby Doo is on ! ) and as she comes from a creative family – I think she might be getting the sewing bug. :)

Just really wanted to show these off as feeling quite proud of her right now – and she is pretty chuffed too :)

Have you taught anyone in your family to craft ? What do you like to make ?

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Ha! I got my 10 year old daughter that self same sewing machine for her birthday last month!

Think we’ll give a skirt a try!!


We must’ve just missed each other in the shop :) Yes, go for it.. very easy to make x


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