In the rosy time of the Year – Part 2






The trip up to Inverness was breathtaking. Given that the sun was out and the sky so blue, there was still snow still scattered across some of the Highlands. I thought it might be a long journey from Edinburgh but the views made it painless.

We stayed on a Hotel that I would recommend if you’re ever there – The KingsMills. Family orientated and a very good beauty parlour. :) That was my treat. The Restaurant in town where we ate was excellent too – The Mustard Seed.













Up early the next day for some fun horse riding out in the countryside and then the trip that we’d all been looking forward to the most. Loch Ness. We had our eyes firmly on the Loch and before too long we spotted something sticking out of the water …





Humour me, if you must :)

The boat though, wasn’t a large touristy type of thing – just a little one. The man was actually working on a Loch Ness project so his insights were fascinating. He even let my daughters steer us for a little bit which made their whole week.















The following days we visited Edinburgh Zoo and loved the gorgeous Giant Pandas. Apparently they tried to mate them recently but Tian Tian, the lady just wasn’t up for it. I’m not surprised really, Yang Guang, the fella sits on his backside chomping on bamboo most of the time. The girl has standards !








The only YO ! Sushi in Edinburgh is in Harvey Nics so an excellent excuse to visit twice in two weeks ! Great to get the kiddies eating lots of different flavours. We also popped into the The Missoni Hotel – I have to be honest though, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Oh well, can’t have it all …

The Underground tours of the vaults are quite good if you’re not too faint hearted. It’s reasonably priced and you really get a sense of life back then. I tried to get some photos down there but my camera wouldn’t allow it. Spooky ! It is supposed to be haunted …







I was really impressed and inspired by the Children’s Museum on The Royal Mile. It is free admission and it’s suitable for all ages as it has toys from Bygone years dating back to the early 20th Century. Remember any of these ?













Camera Obscura is amazing ! We had hours of fun in there, playing with all the gadgets and of course we all had to do the ” Head on a plate ” illusion although I will spare you the images :) Well worth every penny, that place !









So, that’s what we got up to. We needed a rest when we got home  –  totally knackered !

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