Lottie’s Bakery Valentine’s Cake Pops – Review










Hope you’re having a good one ? :)

This week Lottie’s Bakery very kindly sent over some of their Cake Pops for my brood to try out – which, you could say, was a roaring success :)Β Cake Pops are little cakes on a stick, if you didn’t know already !

We received these wonderful Valentine’s Pops and also some Moshi Monster ones that will be featuring in my upcoming Party Post.

I had to kind of “fend off” family members who’d caught a glance of the Pops all nicely wrapped in their cellophane until we were all sorted for a proper sit down / Pop chomp later in the day.

Not only are they aesthetically really easy on the eye, they are, to quote this household: “Very, very tasty” – the outer icing is just the right density and the sponge inside was moist and really delicious. It felt like a real treat to try them and I definitely would recommend them for Wedding Favours and Party Bags.







I love thoughtful products like this to make your guests feel special. We will be ordering some more, that’s for sure !

Lottie’s Bakery make Cake Pops for any event, can match party themes and Wedding colour schemes – they also can add Corporate logo’s.Β They have provided Cake Pops London Fashion Week After Parties, French Connection and for BRIT Award Nominee Stooshe’s Album Launch ( Great pic, hey ? )









To find out more about Lottie’s Bakery – have a look at their website www.lottiesbakery.com and you can find them on Twitter @lotties_bakery

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