In the rosy time of the year… Part 1







We had a family break in Scotland last week, Andy has a few weeks off so grabbed the opportunity. It’s been ages since I spent time there and I think on most other occasions I have always been on a work trip.

I decided to have a week off from sewing – so avoided the fabric and haberdashery shops as I knew it would take up far too much time ! Where’s my medal ? :)

We stayed in Edinburgh and packed in tons of family friendly stuff every day, including a trip to Inverness for a night so that we could have a boat ride on the Loch Ness – part 2 coming soon .. and yep, we saw something sticking out of the water AND pic’d it. :)

Here are a few snaps of the first few days …





The Scott Monument in Princes Street Gardens is very austere looking but impressive. You can’t miss it.

We could’ve climbed the 287 steps to the top but decided to eat go to a cake shop instead called Bibi’s bakery and stuff our faces – I loved this graffiti cake and the macarons hearts, well – very pretty.







We loved the Castle, it was quite surreal standing in the room where King James VI was born to Queen Mary, although if the rumours are true … the story isn’t quite as straight forward as that. Who knows …













I was fascinated by the work room where they used to make Crowns. Although I am always freaked out by these kind of mannequin’s. They just scare the hell out of me, I don’t know why ! Is it just me ?









If you are into kitsch and cartoon figures – you would love ” Cutie House ” on Cockburn Street. It is literally jam packed with cute little figures, including loads of Hello Kitty things.













The National Museum of Scotland is free and laid out really well. Loads for kids to do and learn. I found some very inspiring pieces to look at including this porcelain bust of a girl painting a picture of Tiananmen Square from 1958.

We did an open top bus ride ( I’m starting to enjoy these to a worrying degree :) ) It was well worth doing as you probably know the architecture is stunning and lots of tall buildings to admire.

So that you don’t think I’ve become all too grown up with my talk of historical structures… I will end part 1 with a leopard print loving, bespectacled Hello Kitty and some sweet roller skating My Little Ponies. Phew !














Do you know Edinburgh well ? If you have any recommendations for things to do and see, please do leave me a comment. 

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Edinburgh is on my list – I’ve yet to visit! I am pleased to hear you chose cake over climbing all those stairs and oh my goodness I HATE museum mannequins too. Creepy!

Look forward to seeing your Nessy snap and big high five for resisting the hab dash shops.

Claire x

Ailsa Poll

My favourite city, without a doubt – I’m so envious! You really should visit the Elephant House coffee shop – not only great coffee & views of the castle, but where the first J K Rowling did her early writing. As for the zoo – you missed out my favourites, the otters! Closely followed by the ring-tailed lemurs…


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