Olympic highs and positive vibes….

Good Morning ! I hope you’ve had a great weekend ?

The winner of my latest giveaway has her bespoke skirt finished and on it’s way to her :) I put some baby pink lining into the skirt shape that she decided on, in the Lilo Ladies fabric and it looks really cute.

It was also my husbands Birthday on Saturday ( he was in New York, the lucky beggar.. but we will celebrate soon ) and the very lovely people on his Coldplay tour made him some cupcakes.. Great, huh ? I’ve also added a couple of images that he sent me of the Big Apple… one of my favourite places in the WORLD ! ;)

Now, HOW amazing have the olympics been so far ? What incredible talent, I am in awe of their total focus and determination – it’s really contagious !

Which… finally, brings me to the topic of this blog post –  It’s a bit more personal today but I think that’s allowed every now and then… :)

I don’t know if you have noticed but some of the athletes, when interviewed have talked about having had tough times in the last few years and how they have worked through it all to become world class.

This to me, is so admirable. How easy would it be at those points in life to just throw the towel in and give up on all the hard work you’ve already put in, knowing that it is going to be hard for a while? But they have hung in there and pulled it out of the bag :) Great role models for future generations.

What would your potential be if you went for it to the best of your possibility ? If you had achieved what you had always wanted career wise in life – where would you be ? What would you be doing ? Or maybe you already have…. ? :) Having interviewed some designers and artists recently that are full of love for what they do – it has only inspired me more.. hopefully –  you too :)

Personally, I am now aiming for what I really want ( it took a while to find out ) and it’s a lovely feeling ! Like most people – I’ve had my fair shares of knocks or set backs in life and maybe let those things dominate me a bit in the past –  but a few years back now I decided that the only way forward, was to see the postive opportunity in situations as much as possible – and started to notice things right there in front of me that I’d not even seen before ! When I actually did this, I discovered that I wanted to be more creative –  design and sew –  and it made me feel really fulfilled.

My first tutor in fashion design told us in the class to always carry a camera as you will find inspiration for your work everywhere.. and in unexpected places.. so true and great advice. there’s never a dull moment….

There’s also nothing greater than watching a friend achieve something special to them  – just recently a good friend of mine, line – produced a major general release film and she worked her socks off for way over a year on it. Although she is a very modest person, I know how much it meant to her, seeing it up there on the big screen and again I felt total admiration.

What drives you and how do you find your inspiration ? What makes you really happy ? I’d love to know…

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That was a great post Lucy. A very inspirational read. I am in awe of these athletes, it’s not just the talent – it’s the way they are conducting themselves.
Also, those cakes look delicious (hope they were on this side of the pond) and what a lovely label in the skirt.


Thanks. I agree, they are perfect role models and inspiring in so many ways. It has bought the best out in so many people and I love it!! xx


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