Meandering in London

Yesterday, I had a really nice time just drifting around London. It’s not something I get to do very often these days, there’s so much to see, people to watch – I love that place. There’s nothing like it for inspiration.

Having been born in London, then spending my childhood in the Country, back to London for a long period of work and now back in the Country for my kids to grow up – I get a little confused sometimes about which is really my home.

The best thing I suppose about being in the sticks now, is that I can enjoy the craziness of London and then have time out here. Now that I’m a Mum, I also find it really upsetting to see people wandering around, clearly off their heads on something. They were babies once – what went wrong ?

On a lighter note – Around the East London area, especially, I love the random creativity – walking along Brick Lane takes ages because of all the art ! Not keen on the scribbled stuff.

My first memory of London was on Carnaby Street, we went to see Oliver and my Mum and Dad were both actors at the time too, so they spent lots of time attending castings there – as did I, some time later. I shall blame that on my obsession with Liberty London – and why I may have arrived home yesterday with some more fabric. Oh well, it’s for the 70s dress that is in progress today …

Where do you call home ? Are you a city or country person ?

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