Me, the dress and my Sidekick

As promised, here is the dress that I made earlier this week on me, instead of the mannequin. Oh, and here’s Sandy too, waiting for his walk. My 7 year old daughter took this pic and I think she did a sterling job, she loves photographing. You may also notice that we still have taken our Christmas lights down .. oops.

I think it could probably do with taking in a tiny bit as it’s a little roomy. What do you think ? Overall though, it’s comfy and I do love a bit of tartan.

It wasn’t my intention to co-ordinate with my front door. Kinda works though !

Tomorrow is my Birthday and I haven’t finished the dress that I’m making to wear in the evening. It’s the vintage pattern with the Liberty fabric that I showed in my last post. I’m sure if I crack on it will be done in an hour or so. Will post a pic tomorrow !

Things have been planned for tomorrow which I will write about later in the week. One of them, I have no idea about at the moment, but as people have been avoiding me of late – I am assuming they might be involved… ;)

Have a lovely evening !

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sarah belinda

Hi Lucy,
Happy Birthday,dress looking good, nicely set in sleeves. Hope you have a fab time today.
Best wishes


Hi Sarah! Thanks very much – it was fun. Also, thanks for the gorgeous flowers …. you are very thoughtful! x


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