Latest Stationery Haul …

Stationery1As promised … more on some of the stationery that I bought recently. A few bits from Liberty London and then a few more sneaky online purchases.

The heart stickers, typewriter print book, Kate Spade polka dot notebook and Big Apple Sticky Notes and postage stickers are from Liberty – the others are from various stores.

It doesn’t help having daughter’s who love scrapbooking, crafting and letter writing – I do too and there are so many beautiful bits n bobs .. let’s just say that I don’t exactly discourage it !

Staionery faves

The Kokeshi pen is incredibly cute. I’ve been after one of these for a while to add to my ever growing Kawaii collection. Love the little Big Apple sticky notes. They’ll come in very handy one day. Honest.

The stamp is such a great idea for adding a date and comment to our photo’s ( I am currently Huggle Up’s featured blogger for their square prints ) or notes. You can change the phrase and date by using its roller.

Ever since my last trip to New York, I have been totally obsessed with washi tapes. It’s the pretty prints. Far too attractive to actually use ! :)

Did we really need these parcel stickers ? Yes of course ! Everyone needs them, don’t they ? Think we will also use them on Birthday gifts. They will contrast well with polka dot or striped wrapping paper.

Rubber Collection

I also just had to show you Mae’s eraser collection. Did you have one when you were little ? I had some strawberry and bubble gum scented ones and we used to swap them at lunch times in the playground. Not sure she could fit this lot  in her school bag though. She spends her pocket money each month on new ones. I love the colour and intricacy of them nowadays. Amazing how you can take them apart in to little pieces. Clever !

Do you collect stationery too ? What are your favourite pieces ? Leave me a comment under this post or tweet me @lucylovesyablog ..

Have a nice day.

Lucy x


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