Irregular Choice MENS range in the building !

1-117So, here’s a blog exclusive for ya.

Irregular Choice Owner and Designer Dan Sullivan has launched his new Mens collection and they are available now.

Dan has raided his fabric collection ( now that is something I would like to see ! ) and come up with some real head turners.Β 1-36

There are leopard prints and polka dots – sophistication meets crazy, weird and wonderful.Β 1-134

Given that he has come up with 10,000 different women’s styles so far Β – it’s only fair that men get a look in and if these are anything to go by – they are probably already flying off the shelves.

I think he has got the combination just right … ( once again ) …

What are your thoughts on this new range ? :) Leave me a comment below or tweet me @lucylovesyablog.


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