INSPIRE ME – with Vowed and Amazed.

One evening, a  few months ago, when Andy and I were nearing our wedding day, I found myself stalking alternative wedding blogs looking for that missing ‘something’.
I was scrolling down on one site and BOOM there they were – Big light up ‘Love Letters’ made by Vowed and Amazed. As I looked through some more of their images I found more and more unique, fabulous wedding props, signs and sets and knew that we had to have a piece of them :) I’m so glad we did.

‘Inspire Me’ this week is all about Stuart and Caroline, creative duo behind Vowed and Amazed

How did you two meet ?
We met at Art College when we were 18, I’m afraid it wasn’t love at first sight ! We didn’t actually get on very well ! It wasn’t until we had left college and had gone our separate ways to University we realised the error of our ways, by which time we were 3 hours drive apart ! But we saw each other nearly every weekend and after Uni we moved to London together.  After a year in London we started an events company called ‘Oh My God! I Miss You…’ with our friend Becky from Art College, we started putting on over the top themed club events and that was our first experience of working together. We worked on that at weekends and Stuart was working in set building during the week and getting some really good experience.

What Inspired you to start up Vowed and Amazed ?
Well, we got engaged and started planning our own wedding ! We had quite a reputation with our friends for building extravagant things for our club events so we really wanted to go all out. We had a theme in our minds of a cross between a fete, a funfair and the set of an abandoned old Elvis film ! We’ve always been obsessed with the look of old funfairs like Carter’s Steam Fair and we had already made a few light up signs for ourselves to decorate our flat. So we started designing and building. We began with a funfair stall that we had already built for Glastonbury festival and we adapted that to be a bar for our marquee. We then went on to build our initials in giant wooden light up form, and a vintage style high striker. We renovated 5 huge old funfair teacups from an old ride to dot about in the field as decorations, designed and built our own classy bouncy castle !  We also made various wooden signage.  We are both suckers for thinking we can do everything ourselves so we ended up decorationg our own wedding cake and I (Caroline) designed and helped my Mum make my wedding dress, Let me tell you it is probably not the best idea to try and take on that much in one go ! After the wedding everyone kept telling us that we sould hire out the pieces we had made to other people and so ‘Vowed & Amazed!’ was created.

You make all of your designs, how long does each piece take ?
It really depends on the scale of the piece and how many funfair lights are involved !  Many of new our pieces are a learning process for us so it can be trial and error at first.  We can turn out a single giant wooden letter in two days.
We moved out of London so we could afford a bigger workshop and it’s full of past and future projects, we’re always building something. When we’re not working we spend our spare time in our workshop anyway, working on personal projects like the old Arcade machine we found on a street corner !

Tell me about the different kinds of events you have been involved with.. 
In the past as set builders we have worked with all sorts ! Glastonbury, The Puppini Sisters, Red Bull, Givenchy, Harrods to name a few. It’s nice with the wedding side of things that it’s a bit more personal,we to get to meet individuals and hear about their plans for their big days ! We haven’t done any celebrity weddings yet, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time !

                                                                    Photo by Laura Babb

At our wedding, people were really impressed by the ‘Love Letters’ – what has the reaction been like at Wedding Fairs ?
It’s been great, people keep telling us they have never seen anything like us before ! People love the fact we build it ourselves and we’ve had so many compliments from customers and fellow suppliers alike.

Do you have lots in store for the rest of this year ?
Yes ! We never stop designing together ! We are working on a really large scale funfair light piece ( and you know if we say it’s big, it must be huge ! )  We are also working on a design for a slightly darker/edgier light up sign for people who aren’t into the lovey dovey side of weddings so much ! and are hoping to get in more great blogs like this one too !

Thanks to Stuart and Caroline. How could you not be inspired by these two ?